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Unlike many universities, CUNY separates tenure decisions from promotion decisions. In most cases, promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor follows the award of tenure in a separate decision, often the following semester (tenure decisions are normally made in the fall). Criteria for promotion are similar to those used for tenure evaluations, although each department has specific expectations. Because promotion is separate from tenure, promotion may be awarded before tenure. As with tenure, you should consult your department chair, your union representative and members of the departmental Personnel and Budget Committee for guidance.

Part-time faculty can be promoted, but there is no contractual provision for promotion of part-time faculty. An adjunct interested in a promotion (which includes a increase in hourly rate) should apply to his or her chair for promotion on the same basis as a full-timer. Receiving a doctorate is often recognized as grounds for promotion, as are professional achievements. Promotion is made at the discretion of the department.

Published: August 27, 2022

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