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Research Foundation Central Office Strike Authorization Vote

Letter from the Bargaining Team

May 15, 2023

Dear RF Central Office PSC Members,

We are nearing an agreement to a new contract, and at this point, are asking you to weigh in on the current offer from management.

The Bargaining Team has made significant gains for the new contract, including adding a grace period for coming in late, coming to an agreement on remote work that requires Management to provide a 60-day notice for any changes to the current remote work practice, increasing longevity bonuses for years 10 through 30, securing 20 days that can be used for family sick leave, and improving benefits for dental reimbursements, life insurance, and the health insurance waiver program. When it comes to the salary increases, we feel management’s proposal is short of our expectations, but they have indicated to us that their current proposal is the most they are authorized to offer.

Management’s current proposal:
3.5% retro to Jan 1, 2023
3.5% Jan 1, 2024
3.25% Jan 1, 2025
3.25% Jan 1, 2026
3.25% Jan 1, 2027
and a $1000 signing bonus

PSC’s current proposal:
3.75% retro to Jan 1, 2023
3.75% Jan 1, 2024
3.75% Jan 1, 2025
3.75% Jan 1, 2026
3.5% Jan 1, 2027
and a $3000 signing bonus

Our final steps in pushing for a better deal are up to you. We believe a successful strike authorization vote can pressure management to move closer to our proposed numbers, but, if we don’t have the votes, we will have to settle on theirs. The strike authorization vote does NOT mean that the union will necessarily strike, but it gives us a path to further escalate through strike action, if necessary. This vote can also set a precedent for future contract negotiations because it signals to management our willingness to fight for what we deserve.

Voting “Yes” to the strike authorization allows the PSC to call for a strike as early as June 26, the last week of the fiscal year. It is a crucial time for the RF to close the books and begin the new fiscal year, making it an optimal time to strike if the members still feel strongly about demanding what we feel is a fair deal. We believe management will recognize the situation and will become motivated to work with our numbers before the deadline, but you should still be aware there will be a possibility of a strike if management believes we are bluffing and refuses to move. It is understandable to be afraid of striking. Strikes are not desirable for anyone, but we will win our demands only if the members stand together. We will also keep you updated with our progress or lack of progress and hold conversations with  the membership before calling for a strike.

Voting “No” to the strike authorization means you agree to management’s current proposal. Of course we will still try to get the best deal possible, but we know management is at its limit in what it wants to offer, and they will have little reason to move further.

The Bargaining Team strongly recommends voting “Yes” to give us this powerful negotiating tool. Our power at the table comes from you. The Bargaining Team appreciates the trust that you have placed in us. Rest assured that we will strive for the best deal possible within the limits of the power that the members are collectively willing to wield.


Your Bargaining Team

Published: May 15, 2023

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