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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (07.23.12): An Update on Adjunct Health Insurance

Jul 23, 2012

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An Update on Adjunct Health Insurance from President Bowen:

I appreciate the patience adjuncts have shown as you wait to hear about the future of your health insurance benefit. I can understand how difficult it is to wait for information when your own healthcare is at stake.

The union is doing everything we can to reach an agreement quickly. We do not yet have an agreement, but we have made significant progress in our negotiations with CUNY. Health insurance is a complex subject, however, and the provision of the new benefit has involved extensive, detailed conversation.

The PSC’s aim continues to be to provide for a health insurance benefit for eligible adjuncts without a break in coverage. I am confident that University management is also committed to reaching an agreement, and management has been working hard in partnership with us. Please be assured that we will share information the minute it is available.

–Barbara Bowen

Day of Action on Low Wage Work—July 24

New York’s progressive movement, including 99% New York, a coalition of labor, community and faith groups that PSC proudly supports, is mounting a Day of Action on Low Wage Work tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24. Labor and community activists, workers, and people of faith will attend a 3:30 PM news conference at Herald Square (Broadway & 32nd Street) and a 5:00 PM speakout at Union Square (14th Street & Broadway). At both events, demonstrators will gather to demand an increase in the minimum wage, passage of paid sick leave legislation in the City Council, and enforcement of workers’ rights. They will also declare solidarity with locked-out Con-Ed workers and others in the struggle for a fair economy. At 6:30 PM, after the speakout, busses will depart Union Square to take demonstrators on worker-led tours of low wage worksites managed by known bad actors.

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