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Online Town Hall on Safe Reopening

Jun 01, 2021

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After 15 months of this pandemic, conflicting messages from CUNY management about reopening and shifting guidance from the State and the Centers for Disease Control in Washington, it’s no surprise that many PSC members are worried and/or frustrated about our health and our work situations.

On May 20, the PSC hosted a town hall to get clarity on CUNY’s announcements and to review the PSC Standards for a Safe Reopening and the progress we’ve made pressing CUNY to adopt the standards. Health and Safety Watchdogs were there to outline the union’s systematic approach to ensuring the safety of our worksites, and members had the opportunity to ask questions and to join the PSC Health and Safety Watchdogs and to join the campaign to build our union’s power.

Click here for a detailed table of the PSC Safety Standards.

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