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Home » Minutes: CCNY PSC-CUNY Chapter Meeting, October 17, 2013

Minutes: CCNY PSC-CUNY Chapter Meeting, October 17, 2013

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A group of over 60 CCNY faculty and staff, many for the first time, were welcomed with announcements and updates:

The ongoing criticism-resistance to the implementation of the Pathways-Common Core being forced into place

Announcement that a questionnaire developed by our union will be going out to all staff, adjuncts and full time faculty to better assess colleagues work conditions and their important concerns

Announcement of our PSC-CUNY officially endorsing Bill de Blasio for the New York City mayoral elections

Update of the U.S. government shutdown and the effects it was having locally and nationally

Report and discussion of the new time sheets and work restrictions being imposed by CUNY central against CUNY staff

Congratulations to our colleague John Martin with the announcement of a $3.7 million N.I.H. grant on brain development and injury research

Announcement about adjunct week, to show our appreciation for all the work our adjunct colleagues perform while still struggling for a livable wage

The focus for this meeting was a presentation and discussion led by Celia Lloyd on the implementation of the CUNY First structure. The presentation was direct and honest with an open dialogue on better understanding, but also our major concerns of the problems and difficulties faced.

There was much skepticism with many colleagues seeing this as a further assertion of CUNY Central asserting their control over our university.

Next meeting will be on Thursday, November 21st starting at 12:15 p.m. in NAC 4/220B. The focus of our November meeting will be on the “Rise of New Forces in Higher Education,” the increasing centralization at CUNY and their future policy on more limitations on our “Expressive Activity.”

Alan Feigenberg, Chair
CCNY Chapter of the PSC-CUNY

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