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Hundreds March to Demand Contract Progress

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Hundreds of PSC members turned out Tuesday, March 31 for a rainy but spirited protest outside Hunter College to demand that CUNY management must stop stalling at the bargaining table. The CUNY bosses have put no money on the table for raises or workload improvements, and have made no real movement on the union’s non-economic demands. Albany politicians share blame with CUNY management for the lack of an economic offer, but the CUNY bosses could negotiate to improve our working and teaching conditions right now.

The protesters gathered outside the college and marched through the Upper East Side, past the homes of the “1%” to demand an alternative to anti-worker, anti-student politics. They distributed this flier explaining the action to students and passersby.

When the march returned to Hunter College, President Barbara Bowen and Treasurer Mike Fabricant led chants of “No Contract! No Peace!” and “We will win!.”

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