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Home » Graduate Center Sign-On Letter Calling on the Chancellor to Pay the $1,000 Equity Raise for Assistants to HEO

Graduate Center Sign-On Letter Calling on the Chancellor to Pay the $1,000 Equity Raise for Assistants to HEO

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Dear Chancellor Matos Rodríguez,

As members of the Graduate Center community, we write to request that you immediately reverse your decision not to implement the $1,000 equity raise for Assistants to HEO (aHEOs) that was due to begin on February 1. Denying the negotiated raise is an attack on essential Graduate Center colleagues—and on all of us. The decision can, and must, be reversed.

Colleagues in the Assistant to HEO position play an especially important role at the Graduate Center. There are thirty-five Assistant Program Officers (APOs) who run our academic programs and they are overwhelmingly Assistants to HEO. Many others work in offices at the Graduate Center, School of Journalism, School of Professional Studies, Macaulay Honors College, the School of Public Health and the School of Labor and Urban Studies. They are in the lowest paid title of the HEO series and it is for that reason that the PSC negotiated the “equity” raise. Moreover, across CUNY, a majority of those in the aHEO title are women and/or people of color. The union negotiated the $1,000 increment specifically to narrow gaps in salary and address inequities of race and class.

Honor the union contract you signed. Especially now, when our 2% raise has been delayed indefinitely, it is especially harmful to deny this small raise to those who need it the most.

As we fight our way out of a pandemic and fiscal crisis, and with an influx of funds on their way to CUNY from the federal government, there is no excuse for denying this raise. We appeal to you to implement the raise immediately and stop adding unnecessary pain and suffering to your employees who have been working exceedingly hard throughout these difficult times.


Pennee Bender, HEO series, American Social History Project/CML
Harry Blain, graduate assistant, Political Science, PSC vice chair
Steve Brier, faculty, Urban Education
Lynn Chancer, executive officer, Sociology
Kandice Chuh, executive officer, English
Alyson Cole, executive officer, Political Science
Dana-Ain Davis, Center for the Study of Women and Society
Zee Dempster, HEO series, IRADAC
Ellen DeRiso, HEO series, APO, Anthropology
Luke Elliott-Negri, doctoral candidate, Sociology
Michelle Fine, distinguished professor, Critical Psychology
Lina Garcia, HEO series, APO, LAILC
Matt Gold, faculty, English
Harriet Goodman, executive officer, Social Welfare
James Jasper, faculty, Sociology
Cindi Katz, faculty, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Kathy Koutsis, HEO series, APO MALS
Mary Clare Lennon, faculty, Sociology
Eric Lott, distinguished professor, English
Wendy Luttrell, executive officer, Urban Education
Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis, executive officer, MALS
Gerry Martini, HEO series, Admissions
Ruth Milkman, distinguished professor, Sociology
Carol Pierce, HEO series, APO, Comparative Literature
Alycia Sellie, faculty, Library
Debbie Silverman, HEO series, APO, Mathematics
Nancy Silverman, HEO series, APO, English
Brett Stoudt, faculty, Psychology
John Torpey, presidential professor, Sociology and History
Lynne Turner, graduate assistant, Sociology, PSC GC chapter chair
Andrea Vásquez, HEO series, American Social History Project/CML
Luke Waltzer, HEO series, Teaching and Learning Center
Marilyn Weber, HEO series, APO, History

Tanya Agathocleous, faculty, English
Siraj Ahmed, faculty, English
Tanzeem Ajmiri, graduate assistant, Psychology
Sara Deniz Akant, PhD Candidate, adjunct, English
Sam Al Khatib, assistant professor, Graduate Center Linguistics
Jennifer Alberghini, Alumnus, English
Jonas Albro, college assistant, Art History
Ammiel Alcalay, professsor, CMAL Queens, English GC
Jeff Allred, faculty, Digital Hunanities
Muaad Alody, HEO series, ASRC
Elizabeth Alsop, assistant professor, Communication and Media
Chelsea Alterman, assistant director of student development, Macaulay Honors College
Andrew Anastasi, graduate assistant, Sociology
Katelyn Angell, non-teaching adjunct, Library
Sofya Aptekar, assistant professor, School of Labor and Urban Studies
Will Arguelles, doctoral candidate, English
Marissa Armanios, HEO series, Marketing
Onur Ayaz, doctoral student, English
Lucien Baskin, doctoral student, Urban Education
Eliot Bates, assistant professor, Music
Katherine Behar, assistant professor, M.S. Program in Data Analysis and Visualization
Sheila Berman, HEO series, Student Affairs
Shoumik Bhattacharya, doctoral candidate, English
Bethany Bingham, PhD student, Environmental Psychology
Juliette Blevins, professor, Linguistics
Janice Bloom, researcher, Center for Human Environments
Laura Boggess, PhD student, Biology
Lisa Brundage, HEO series, Academic Affairs, Macaulay Honors College
Filipa Calado, graduate assistant, English
Chris Carpenter, PhD Candidate, English
Marco Castillo , student, graduate assistant, adjunct. , Sociology
Christine Chan, HEO series, APO, Economics
David Chapin, emeritus, Critical Social and Environmental Psychology
Kelsey Chatlosh, doctoral candidate, Anthropology (cultural)
Lukasz Chelminski, doctoral candidate, History
Michele Chinitz, doctoral candidate, English
Patricia Cipollitti, graduate assistant, Philosophy
Daniel Colligan, student, GC Sociology
Mia Curran, PhD candidate , Art History
Nicolette Dakin, graduate assistant, Psychology
Cheri Daniels, HEO series, Wellness Center
Donna Davey, adjunct faculty, Library
Flora de Tournay, graduate assistant, English
Ladi Dell’aira, M.A. student, Biography & Memoir
Iris Delutro, PSC vice president for cross campus units, HEO series, SLU Murphy Institute, LEAP – to – Teacher Program
Marie Desir, HEO series, Journalism
Nicholas Devlin, graduate assistant, Comparative Literature
Ellen Dichner, distinguished lecturer, School of Labor & Urban Studies
Marc Dolan, professor, Professor, English
Joanna Dressel, graduate student and assistant, Sociology
Michael Druffel, graduate student, English
Angela Dunne, graduate assistant, Urban Education
Ivana Durovic, PhD Candidate, Linguistics
Andrea Efthymiou, faculty, English alum
Julian Ehsan, research assistant, American Social History Project/CML
Anne Ellis , HEO series, Provost’s Office
Catherine Engh, adjunct, English
Howard Everson, professor, Educational Psychology
Leanne Fan, graduate assistant, Sociology
Will Fisher, faculty, English
Cary Fitzgerald, graduate student, Graduate Center, English
Susan Fountain, faculty, Human Relations, SPS
Kelly Gawel, adjunct instructor, Philosophy Department
Ruth Wilson Gilmore, faculty, Earth & Environmental Sciences; Center for Place, Culture, & Politics
Elizabeth Goetz, adjunct assistant professor, GC, English, alum
Andrew Goldberg, non-teaching adjunct, Theatre
Hanna Goldberg, graduate assistant, Sociology
Sarah Goodyear, student, Biography and Memoir Master’s Program
Jean Grassman, faculty, SPH EOGHS
Les Gribben, director of admissions, Office of Admissions
Nicholas Grosso, HEO series, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute
Jane Guskin, doctoral student, Sociology
Aaron Hammes, adjunct lecturer, Sociology
Sharifa Hampton, doctoral student and adjunct instructor, English
Maya Harakawa, PhD Candidate, Art History
Anthony Harb, PhD Candidate, adjunct, LAILAC
Taylor Hartley, graduate assistant, Art History
David Harvey, distinguished professor, Anthropology
Braelyn Hendricks, graduate student, Sociology
Katia Henrys, graduate student, Critical Social/ Personality Psychology
David Hershinow, HEO series, The Writing Center
Amy Herzog, faculty, Film Studies
Carrie Hintz, faculty, English
Theresa Horvath, sociology
Frances Howell, graduate assistant, Psychology
Zoe Hu, PhD Student, English
Karen Hui, graduate assistant, Anthropology
Olivia Ildefonso, PhD candidate, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Alexei E. Irklievski, HEO series, Communications
Nico Israel, faculty, English
Michael Italie, adjunct lecturer, SLU
Sarah Jacobson, graduate assistant, Psychology
Martin Jensen, doctoral candidate, Comparative Literature
Marc Kagan, student, History
Christina Katopodis, HEO series, Office of Academic Affairs
Kathryn Kelley, doctoral student, History
Laurie Kellogg, special projects MA in Labor Studies, School of Labor & Urban Studies
Stephen Klein, HEO series, Library
Adrienne Klein, HEO series, Research
Matthew Knip, adjunct lecturer, GC doctoral candidate /Hunter adjunct
Wayne Koestenbaum, distinguished professor, English
Helen Koh, HEO series, Institutional Advancement
Steven Kruger, professor, English and Medieval Studies
Judith Kubran, HEO series, APO, Psychology
Jessica Larson, doctoral candidate, Art History
Anna Larsson, PhD candidate, English
Melissa Lazo, HEO series, Asrc
Jennifer Lee, HEO series, Office of the Registrar
Penny Lewis, assistant professor, Labor Studies
Christian Lewis, PhD Candidate, English
Judy Li, HEO series, APO, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Eileen Liang, HEO series, APO, Women’s and Gender Studies
Erika Lin, professor, CUNY Graduate Center
Melissa Longhi, HEO series, Library
Stephanie Luce, professor, School of Labor and Urban Studies
Jessica Lugo, doctoral candidate, English
Alyssa Mackenzie, doctoral candidate, English
Marianne Madoré, graduate student, sociology
Eileen Makak, HEO series, Macaulay Honors College
Laura Maltz, HEO series, Career Services
Kahdeidra Martin, doctoral candidate, executive council student representative, Urban Education
Amanda Matles, PhD candidate, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Alexa Maurer, HEO series, Student Services
Leslie McCall, presidential professor, Sociology and Political Science
Candace McCoy, professor, Criminal Justice
Jessi Mcneill, graduate assistant, Anthropology
Johan Melchior, graduate assistant, Psychology Ph.D. program
Miranda Meyer, graduate assistant, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Rebecca Mlynarczyk, professor emerita, English
Omar Montana, adjunct, Sociology
Jarrett Moran, graduate student, History
Kate Moss, faculty and GC alum, Gen Ed, School of Professional Studies
Zach Muhlbauer, graduate teaching fellow, English
Corinna Mullin, adjunct professor, Political Science, John Jay
Samuel Nicolosi, adjunct lecturer, English
Sean Nortz, PhD student, English
Natasha Ochshorn, graduate assistant, English
Sam O’Hana, student, English
Susan Opotow, faculty, Psychology
Veronica Ordaz, HEO series, Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality
Javier Otero Peña, Phd candidate, Environmental psychology
Alana Pagano, graduate assistant, Political Science
Hye-Jin Park, HEO series, GC
Lorena Paz Lopez, PhD candidate, LAILAC
Andre Perez, HEO series, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Staceu Plichta, professor, CUNYSPH
Naomi Podber, doctoral candidate, Psychology
Janelle Poe, doctoral student, adjunct faculty, English, Black Studies
Tanya Pollard, professor, English
Beth Posner, faculty, Library
Kay Powell, HEO series, Advanced Research Collaborative
Emily Price, PhD student, English
Alexa Punnamkuzhyil, PhD student , English
Joan Reid, HEO series, APO, Biology
David Reynolds, distinguished professor, English
Shawn Rhea, HEO series, GC Communications
Lisa Rhody, HEO series, Digital Initiatives
John Ribeiro, Sr. CLT, IT Media Service
Jesse Rice-Evans, doctoral candidate and non-teaching adjunct, English Composition and Rhetoric
Kristine Riley, student, Sociology
Keysha Rodriguez, CUNY SLU Operations
Katina Rogers, HEO series, The Futures Initiative
Evan Rothman, graduate assistant, History
Lori Rothstein, editor, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Judah Rubin, Phd candidate, adjunct instructor, English
Martin Ruck, executive officer, Educational Opportunity & Diversity (EOD)
John Rufo, graduate student and adjunct, English
Oliver Sage, graduate assistant, French
Sonia Sanchez, PhD candidate, Critical Psychology
Talia Sandwick, PhD candidate, Critical Social/Personality Psychology
Jeanneth Sangurima-Quiles, adjunct lecturer, General Education
Robert Sauté, alumnus, Sociology
Talia Schaffer, faculty, English
Alexander Schlutz, faculty, English
Yanara Schmacks, PhD Candidate, History
Christopher Schmidt, faculty, Liberal Studies
Agrona Selimaj, advisor, Academic Advisement
Claudia Shacter-dechabert, adjunct, SLU
Valerie Shafer, faculty, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Samina Shahidi, HEO series, Academic Advisor / The School of Labor and Urban Studies
Talia Shalev, alumma, English
Yelizaveta Shapiro, doctoral candidate, Comparative Literature
Beth Sherman, graduate student, English
Roxanne Shirazi, faculty, Library
Timothy Shortell, faculty, Data Analysis and Visualization
Janan Shouhayib, graduate assistant, Psychology
Hamad Sindhi, doctoral candidate, Sociology
Julie Skurski, faculty, Anthropology
Robert Small, HEO series, New Media Lab
Samir Sonti, faculty, School of Labor and Urban Studies
Chy Sprauve, student, English
Jessie Stein, PhD. student, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Anthony Sterns, adjunct professor, Business, SPS
B Stone, PhD candidate, Political science
LeeAnn Stover, doctoral student, Linguistics
Patrick Sweeney, student, GC Psychology
Doris Switzer, HEO series, ASRC
Andy Zhenzhou Tan, graduate assistant, Anthropology
Jane Tartaro, HEO series, Financial Aid
Mary Taylor, HEO series, Center for Place, Culture and Politics
Maya Tellman, graduate assistant, Sociology
Charlotte Thurston, doctoral candidate, English
Irving Toby, graduate assistant, Political Science
Joseph Torres-Gonzalez, PhD Student, Anthropology
Jason Tougaw, professor, MALS / MA in Biography and Memoir
Sophie Tunney, PhD Candidate, History
Katie Uva, non-teaching adjunct, Teaching and Learning Center
Joseph van der Naald, doctoral candidate, Sociology
Alan Vardy, professor, English
Iakovos Vasiliou, professor, Philosophy
Jeff Voss, graduate assistant, English
Mary Wade, HEO series, APO, Academic Affairs
Leila Walker, faculty, English alum
Alistair Wallace, HEO series, director of campus services, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism
Amy Wan, faculty, English
Antonio Waters, student, BAM
Jaime Weida, professor, English
Thomas Weiss, presidential professor, Political Science
Stefanie Wess, student, English
Philip Wiles, graduate assistant, Theatre and Performance
Bianca Williams, faculty, Anthropology
Katie Williams, graduate assistant, English
Joshua Wilner, faculty, English and Comp. Lit.
Eric Wilson, graduate assistant, English Program
Olivia Wood, graduate assistant, PSC department steward, English
Asher Wycoff, PhD candidate, Political Science
Habeebah Yasin, admin coordinator, CUNY Grad.
Molly Yin, HEO series, Advancement
Jamie Zabinsky, doctoral student, English
Farah Zahra, doctoral student, Music

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