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Dr. Manfred Philipp Pathways Ad

Protect the Quality of a CUNY Education

I’m a chemist, a Fulbright Senior Scholar, and a holder of numerous biomedical patents. I teach at CUNY because I believe an excellent education should be within the reach of every New Yorker.

It is critical that CUNY retain academic standards. That’s why the faculty oppose Pathways, CUNY’s new core curriculum. Pathways means less time in writing classes, reduced foreign language study, and less rigorous basic science classes without lab work. It limits students’ exposure to new ideas and robs them of opportunities to discover new talents and passions, cutting costs by sacrificing rigor and educational quality.

Listen to the faculty, CUNY: Don’t sacrifice quality.

Dr. Manfred Philipp

Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
[email protected]

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