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Adjuncts: Update your info

Health Insurance: If one of your classes is canceled and you begin teaching another class or start a non-teaching adjunct assignment at a different CUNY college, be sure to inform the Office of Human Resources (HR) at your primary school that you still qualify for health benefits because you are teaching six hours or the equivalent. Please read any emails from [email protected], as it is the email address of the office that monitors adjunct eligibility. If you lose your insurance, you will be informed via email and sent a COBRA application.

Pension: All adjuncts are eligible to join the NYC Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and tax-deferred annuity programs from your first semester at CUNY. For application forms, contact the Human Resources (HR) office on your campus or visit the TRS website. You are also eligible to join the NYS Tax Deferred Compensation 457 Plan. If your title or school changes at any time, be sure you inform the HR offices at all the colleges where you work of your TRS QPP number. Review your paystubs regularly to verify that mandatory contributions are being deducted from each place of employment to avoid huge deficits at the time of retirement. More information about retirement can be found on the PSC website and the Welfare Fund website.

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