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A plan to TAX THE RICH


  • The union is a part of a movement pushing the New York State Legislature to pass a set of new bills that would bring in much needed revenue for the budget. Here’s a look:
  • Progressive income tax: the rich will pay a higher income tax. Projected revenue: between $12 billion and $18 billion.
  • Capital gains tax: taxing stock profits at the same rate as wages. Projected revenue: $7 billion.
  • Heirs’ tax: bigger tax on inherited wealth. Projected revenue: $8 billion.
  • Billionaires’ tax: additional tax on those above the millionaire class. Projected revenue: $23 billion in the first year, $1.3 billion annually after that.
  • Wall Street tax: small tax on investment transactions. Projected revenue: between $12 billion and $29 billion.
  • Corporate tax: rollback of the corporate tax breaks under Trump. Projected revenue: $9 billion.

(Source: Times Union)

Calling all CUNY alumni & former students (with or without a degree)

You’re invited to an organizing meeting to support the NYS legislation a New Deal for CUNY which calls for tuition-free undergraduate education, more advisors & mental health counselors, fixing our buildings, hiring more & diversifying our FT faculty, & paying adjuncts fairly.

What did low cost or free tuition mean for you? Or, what would it have meant?

Wed., Feb. 17, 6-7 PM

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