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New medical benefit


Open enrollment for new participants in NYSUT’s Catastrophe Major Medical (CMM) Insurance Trust is now open to non-retiree NYSUT members who live in New York state, and who have the required underlying coverage. During this enrollment period, from May 1 to June 15 of this year, new participants can elect to get catastrophic coverage for themselves and their family members; they will not be disqualified because of preexisting conditions.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity if you’re eligible, and it may be a one-time opportunity,” said Steve London, an executive officer of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund. “This is an opportunity that should not be missed.”


NYSUT negotiated the supplemental health benefit so members could have coverage in case of a medical emergency. The plan covers eligible expenses after the deductible for the existing health insurance has been met. Examples of eligible expenses include prescription drug co-pays, home health care and durable medical equipment. Annual premiums for the plan depend on the age of the plan’s participant and whether it is an individual or family plan. For instance, an individual member under the age of 40 would pay $83 annually. For a family, including spouse and children, with the main participant in their 50s, the annual premium would be around $635.

New enrollment to the CMM plan that was previously offered closed in the summer of 2011 because insurance companies withdrew from the CMM market after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. People who remained on that plan, which provides superior benefits, should continue with that plan rather than enroll in the new plan.

For information, contact the CMM Plan’s Administrator, Mercer Consumer, at 1-888-386-9788 or visit NYSUT’s member benefits page.

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