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BCC Campaign Puts Repairs "On the Right Track"

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Repairs Put Bronx CC ‘On the Right Track’: PSC-Led Push Nets $30 Million in Capital Funds

Clarion, November 2013
By Carla Murphy
The depression in the middle of the running track at Bronx Community College (BCC) was around so long it earned a campus nickname: Sinkhole, Jr. Its larger predecessor, The Sinkhole, had opened up in the middle of a campus road and was big enough to swallow a car. Though smaller, Sinkhole, Jr., was no slouch – it grew to measure 35 feet across and could be seen on Google Earth.

But after eight years of unchecked growth, Sinkhole, Jr., met its end this summer – and the chapter celebrated the victory with an “End of the Sinkhole” party on October 3.

The repaired running track is a testament to the persistent organizing and lobbying by BCC’s PSC chapter and evidence of its long fight for capital funds, with more than $30 million now secured.

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