Sticking to the Union

Janus vs. AFSCME, a case designed to strip unions of their members, their treasuries and their power, is working its way through the courts. It is expected to come before the Supreme Court next year. The Janus case and the Gorsuch appointment are the culmination of a decades-long attack on unions and workers’ rights. The PSC is strong after years of contract and budget campaigns; we’re organizing in the workplace to strengthen every member’s connection and commitment to the union.

Read about the Janus case and the PSC's plans in Clarion:
Trump's Assault on Labor
Face-to-face organizing for the future

Recommitment Card

By submitting this form, I make a public commitment to continue to pay my full union dues even if a Supreme Court decision forces PSC members to make a choice: pay our dues or allow the union to be destroyed.

I benefit from the salary increases, healthcare, job protections and political power achieved by the union. I know the PSC cannot be a strong union for any of us unless all of us pay our share.

I refuse to become a “free rider.”

Now more than ever, I’m sticking to the union.