$7K Per Course for Adjuncts

Updated: March 14, 2018
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Increasing CUNY adjunct pay to $7,000 minimum per course is essential to student success and the right thing to do. CUNY sends the wrong message about the value of college education when it relies on adjunct faculty paid a shamefully low wage to do the majority of its teaching.

$7K in PSC's Bargaining Agenda
$7K in PSC's State Budget Testimony |$7K in PSC's City Budget Testimony

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$7K Advocacy Day, April 24

CUNY's two-tiered labor system is a direct result of years of disinvestment by the State; it will take significant reinvestment to more than double adjuncts’ starting pay. That's why we're traveling to Albany on Tuesday, April 24 to make the case for $7K. Click here to sign up. This is a one-day event. The bus will leave NYC early in the morning and return later that evening. When you sign up, a PSC organizer will contact you with more information.

$7K Advocacy Materials

  • CUNY Changes Lives, a booklet on why New York must invest in full-time faculty, adjuncts and advisors to fulfill the promise of CUNY
  • The Facts about CUNY Adjuncts, a fact sheet on why an increase in adjunct pay to $7,000 per course is essential to student success

Get Connected

Join the Committee of Adjuncts and Part-timers Facebook group or attend their Friday, 3-5 PM meetings on March 16, April 13, or May 11.

Contact your campus liaison for part-time instructional staff or your PSC chapter chairperson.

Ask your chapter chair for a $7K Campaign Membership Poster

$7K in Clarion