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Labor Goes to the Movies: Where to Invade Next

Event Date: 
Fri, 09/15/2017 - 18:00

In his first film in six years, America’s best-known and perhaps most controversial documentarian since his first film, Roger and Me (1989), Michael Moore visits nine countries with better systems for dealing with an array of social and political problems. Moore believes their strategies are not just pie in the sky. Some, in fact, such as the shorter workweek and the women’s movement, largely originated in the US. In addition to illustrating familiar success stories – free medical care and higher education, for example – he shows that Italians receive paid vacation time for their honeymoons, that some imprisoned Norwegian murderers are granted leave from prison, and that French pre-schoolers have gourmet tastes. His tone darkens when he reveals how Germany, in contrast to the US, officially acknowledges its past sins. Attacked earlier in his career from the right and the left for not providing solutions, Moore has devoted this film to offering exactly that.

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