Stop Workplace Bullying & Pass the NY Healthy Workplace Act

Updated: October 2, 2015

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New York Healthy Workplace Act (S3863 Savino/ A4965 Englebright)

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Nearly half of American workers have experienced workplace bullying either as a victim or as a witness, and it is undermining their health and productivity. Workers who are bullied are more likely to experience physical and emotional ailments. Employers who allow such inappropriate and unnecessary behavior risk higher employee turn-over and absenteeism, higher costs and lower productivity. (See attached materials from PSC's national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers.)

State law provides remedies for workers who are discriminated against based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disabilities or veteran status, but it provides no help for workers who are abused or mistreated for other reasons. That’s why PSC is joining the coalition fight to change the law by passing the NY Health Workplace Act, a bill that would grant employees the right to sue their employers if they have been harmed psychologically, physically, or economically by workplace bullying.

Sign & Share the Petition

The New York State Healthy Workplace Bill has initiated a petition and is working with the online petition organization MoveOn to highlight the need for this important bill to address workplace bullying.

The petition, found here, needs more signees before Move On will expand the petition to other parts of the northeast and share it directly to members in New York State. Please sign it and share it.