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At its June, 2010 meeting, the CUNY BOT voted to allow all fulltime members of the instructional staff who have at least 10 years of service and are at least 50 years old as of January 27, 2011 to consider taking the state sponsored early retirement incentive.

The PSC endorsed six solid, progressive candidates in the September 14th Democratic primary. All but one won.

On Saturday, May 1 in lower Manhattan, close to 10,000 people took part in a HISTORIC rally for labor and immigrant rights.

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Issues temporary restraining order, hearing on injunction set for May 26.

Today, US District Judge Lawrence Kahn issued a temporary restraining order to stop New York State from furloughing state workers, including CUNY faculty and staff. Their union, the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY, filed the motion arguing that the furloughs violated the New York State and US Constitutions.

PSC President Barbara Bowen called the illegal legislation “a fake solution to the deficit.”