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OrgLaborAtZP.jpgWe are borrowing the text from a Move On alert to its members. The City of New York is threatening to shut down Zuccotti Park tomorrow at 7:00AM. Now more than ever, those who have stood up to Wall Street greed need our support.

Chanting “banks got bailed out, we got sold out”, more than 800 demonstrators paraded through the Upper East Side Tuesday afternoon bringing protests against inequality and the excesses of Wall Street to the doorstep of some of New York's wealthiest residents.

PSC members joined the action. “I thought today's march was right on the money,” said Cecilia McCall of the retirees chapter. “They have a demand that can be realized in making sure that the [New York state] millionaires' tax is not allowed to be suspended.”

MyNameIsAusterityNut.jpgKonstantin (Costas) Panayotakis is an Associate Professor at the New York City College of Technology focusing on social theory, political economy and environmental sociology. He’s also an active member of the NYC Tech PSC chapter and a member of the PSC Delegate Assembly. In his spare time he rides the subway and talks to strangers—seriously!

Costas’ alter ego is “Austerity Nut,” a hyper-capitalist, true-believer who preaches the need for working people to “sacrifice for our suffering brothers and sisters in Wall Street.” Whenever he can, he shares his inspiring message of tax breaks for the rich and service cuts for the rest of us with straphangers throughout the city.

Several hundred PSCers joined Wednesday’s (10/5/11) labor-community march in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which filled the streets of Lower Manhattan with well over 20,000 protesters.

preparing for #OWS March.JPGUpdate: The starting location for today’s (Oct. 5) community labor march in solidarity with the #OccupyWallStreet protest at Zuccotti Park has been changed from City Hall to Foley Square (between Duane St. and Center St.).

The meet up location for PSC members HAS NOT CHANGED. We will gather at the intersection of Warren St and Broadway at 4:15 PM,

NoOn2.jpgThe AFT, our national affiliate, is looking for volunteers to assist in the labor-to-labor campaign to “Vote No on Issue 2.” Defeating Issue 2 will repeal SB 5 – Ohio Governor John Kasich’s attack on public education, public services and working families in Ohio.

The campaign is looking for volunteers throughout October and early November.

DPHE-flyer100711.jpgFriday, October 7 --- 8:30 am to 3:30 pm --- Elebash Recital Hall at the CUNY Graduate Center -- Fifth Ave. at 34th St.

Join us for a day of collective thinking about the challenges facing public higher education. Turn this time of disinvestment into an opportunity to germinate hope and activism for the future.

What do you do at a rally when you are not granted a permit for a sound system? Answer: The speaker and rally participants combine forces. The speaker shouts out a sentence and those closest to her amplify and repeat it.

Watch the video below as Barbara Bowen, with lots of help from fellow unionists, broadcasts a victory for adjunct healthcare (albeit a tentative first, but important step). Then check out a second video produced by Hunter film students.

Do the right thing! That’s the message we’ll deliver at 4:00 PM on Monday, September 26 when we rally at the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting at Baruch College. Please join us as we demand that CUNY provide a permanent structural solution to the crisis in adjunct health insurance before 1,700 of our colleagues lose their coverage. This is a campaign about more than just health care, it’s a campaign about the kind of employer and the kind of university CUNY is going to be—for full-time and part-time alike.


Four progressive senators will soon introduce a bill that will ensure that Social Security stays fully funded for another 75 years by lifting the cap on the payroll tax that funds Social Security. It's a simple and fair way to strengthen the program.