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The PSC proudly endorses the global school walkout for climate change on Friday, September 20.We salute the students throughout the world who are leading the movement on this most urgent of issues. “Our house is on fire; let’s act like it.” PSC members are urged to support the movement in whatever ways you can without interfering with fulfillment of your normal work responsibilities: incorporate material about climate change into your teaching where appropriate, offer students logistical support, or join the walkout during your lunch hour.

In New York, participants will gather at Foley Square and then march to Battery Park. The event will conclude with a rally at Battery Park featuring speakers and performers, including Fridays for Future movement starter Greta Thunberg and NY-based youth leaders.

The PSC’s Environmental Justice Working Group and other PSC members will meet to join the march at 11:45 at the southwest corner of Worth and Lafayette Streets. We will be carrying red PSC signs. (Eventually we will join the labor contingent on the northeast corner of Lafayette and Worth. At 1:15 PM we march to Battery Park. Go to the union area in the northeast section of Battery Park in the back of the lawn area. The rally and program at Battery Park is from 3:30 to 5:30.)

In October 2018 PSC's national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), filed a class-action lawsuit against Navient, a student loan servicer, for misleading borrowers in public-service professions to stop them from enrolling in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. In 2019 the AFT has broadened its attack on student debt. Reducing student loan debt is now a priority campaign for the union. Here's an AFT Voices post that explains the multiple ways the AFT is taking on the student debt crisis: Five things we’re doing to address the student debt crisis.

The annual salary increase for Research Foundation field unit members went into effect on July 1. The PSC represents Research Foundation employees at City Tech, the Graduate Center and LaGuardia. On July 1 these members received a minimum salary increase of 2 percent or $575/year ($0.32/hour) whichever is greater. Members will see the increase in their July 17th paycheck covering the period from July 1 to July 5.

Iris DeLutro (PSC Vice President for Cross-Campus Units and HEO Chapter Delegate) has scheduled an open meeting with the president for HEOs and CLTs on campus for Tuesday August 6th, 12:30-1:30 PM, before the fall semester starts and life at QC gets crazy (again).

“The PSC joins CUNY students in calling for increased public investment in CUNY and rejecting a funding model that relies on constant tuition hikes to keep the University afloat. The PSC has been unwavering in our commitment to increase public funding and resist further privatizing the costs of public colleges by shifting them to students. CUNY students cannot be expected to make up for a history of disinvestment in the University. The only solution is prioritizing public investment in CUNY, an unmatched resource for the economic, cultural and social vitality of New York. The members of the PSC are fighting for a contract that will enhance the learning conditions of our students. We stand with them in demanding increased public investment as the only sustainable model for funding the University." --President Barbara Bowen

A Study of Working Conditions and Recommendations for Support

Click here to download the report.

The union undertook the study, which involved interviews with more than 100 department chairs, as we were preparing for the current round of contract negotiations. One result of the study was a contract proposal for more institutional support for department chairs; it remains a union priority.

The report focuses on the increasing challenges chairs have faced as austerity at CUNY has deepened in the decade since the 2008 recession. While the department chairs speak with urgency about their own job, they also tell a larger story of the hidden costs of disinvestment in CUNY, its workers and its students.

In October the American Federation of Teachers, the PSC’s national affiliate, filed a class-action lawsuit against Navient, a student loan servicer, for misleading borrowers in public-service professions to stop them from enrolling in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. The AFT is now exploring further legal action. If your application for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program has been denied and you would be interested in being considered as a possible plaintiff, fill out this confidential survey.

A Special DA has been scheduled at 7pm on Thursday, June 20th to vote on the Resolution to change and increase the dues of Retiree Chapter members only. (The regular DA will adjourn to convene the Special DA.) Retiree members pay a flat dollar amount of dues. Current working members pay a percentage of their pay, so dues increase when there is a salary increase. This dues change will not affect the dues paid by PSC members who are not members of the Retiree Chapter.

Under Article IV, Section 1 of the PSC Constitution, two-thirds (2/3) of the Delegates present at the Special DA must vote in favor of the resolution for the change to be put into effect. As with every DA, it is essential to have a quorum for business to be conducted. Please feel free to contact your chapter Delegates to express your point of view. Chapter Delegates can be found here on the PSC website.