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Faculty and staff members from colleges and universities across the U.S. met in Ohio over the weekend to address some of the toughest issues facing student success in America’s higher education system.

The rapid drive to move students’classes from campuses to online and the Gold Rush mentality behind many entrepreneurs pushing the new teaching schemes — especially the latest incarnation known as MOOCs (massive open online classes) — was a hot topic at the 5th national meeting of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE).

Thirteen PSC chapters held votes in April to elect chapter officers, delegates and alternates to the union’s Delegate Assembly. Seven campuses also voted to elect representatives to the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Advisory Council.

If you care about getting a raise and a new contract, make sure you attend this rally—and bring a colleague! Mayor Bloomberg has made it clear that he will not approve retroactive pay for City workers and that he means to increase health insurance costs. Neither PSC nor any other public-employee union in NYC has pursued bargaining under those terms. “The rally on June 12th is our chance to make clear collectively to the next Mayor that that position is not acceptable,” said Pres. Barbara Bowen. “The City has had multi-billion-dollars surpluses for several years, and Mayor’s projected budget deficits have not fully materialized.”

The rally is at City Hall Park, next Wed., June 12, from 4-6 PM. Contact Deirdre Brill ( to RSVP. Need more reasons to attend? How about proposals to shift health care costs onto workers? Or tabloids casting public servants’ contract demands as an attack on tax-paying New Yorkers? As if CUNY professors, sanitation workers, teachers or firefighters aren’t also taxpayers.

A promotional video for the rally with workers from every sector of the City’s labor movement—including PSC leaders—is now online.

Click this link to watch the video and this link to download a flier about the rally.

NYSUT will rally for full investment in higher education and against corporate control of public education.

Next Deadline is June 7

PSC has reached agreement with CUNY on a three-year pilot program of Phased Retirement for full-time instructional staff who participate in the Optional Retirement Plan and are at least 65 years old. Instructional staff members interested in participating in the program starting Fall 2013 must express interest in doing so by submitting a notice of intent to their department chair/supervisor by May 15. Interested instructional staff must work with their department chair/supervisor to decide on a mutually agreeable “phased” workload configuration. A formal application must be submitted by June 7.

Rally to Save SUNY Downstate—Thurs., May 9
A coalition of faith, labor and community organizations will rally this Thurs., May 9 at 5:00 PM, as part of an all-out campaign to save SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn’s only state-run public hospital. Vital healthcare services and jobs are on the line after the state budget passed without funding appropriated to save the hospital, which has been on the verge of insolvency. PSC’s sister union, United University Professions, represents many SUNY Downstate workers. A press conference and “pre-rally” with Rev. Al Sharpton is set for 3 PM at SUNY Downstate’s 470 Clarkson Ave. entrance. A church service at Mt. Zion Church of God, at 203 E. 37th St. (between Church Avenue and Linden Boulevard) is scheduled for 4:15 PM, and the rally will start at 5 PM at SUNY Downstate’s 470 Clarkson Ave. entrance. Download a flier at this link.

Candidates in the New York City mayoral election named their priorities for the City University and affirmed their commitment to public higher education last night at a forum hosted by the Professional Staff Congress. John Liu and Bill Thompson attended, Thompson arrived late.

On Wednesday, April 24th, PSC President Barbara Bowen wrote a letter to adjuncts informing them that:

Adjunct health insurance through the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund has been extended for a year and two months—through June 30, 2014. An agreement between the PSC and CUNY on the 14-month extension was reached today [4/24/13], and was supported by a vote by the Welfare Fund Board of Trustees.

"Rather than ask you to live in uncertainty any longer," Bowen noted, "the PSC worked with CUNY to negotiate an extension of the current adjunct health insurance program through the Welfare Fund."

"Coverage through the Welfare Fund is not a permanent solution," Bowen added, "and the union will continue to work with CUNY on a long-term structural solution [placing adjuncts on a public plan]."

May Day is an annual celebration of our collective strength as working people and our shared commitment to a better world. This year’s May Day event begins at 4:30 PM on Wed., May 1 with a rally in Union Square followed at 5:15 PM by a march down Broadway to City Hall, where PSC president Barbara Bowen will be among the speakers.