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The U.S. Treasury Department says sanctions “accomplish foreign policy and national security goals,” such as the overthrow of the government of Venezuela. A roundtable discussion sponsored by the PSC International Committee will address the questions: Are sanctions a weapon of modern “hybrid war” or a diplomatic tool? Are they non-violent persuasion or a medieval siege? If we oppose U.S. endless wars, should we also oppose U.S. sanctions? The discussion, featuring experts on U.S.

Labor and immigrant rights groups, along with many other allied organizations, will come together on Wednesday, May 1st in a strong show of force against the anti-worker and anti-immigrant policies coming from this White House. PSC members will march in solidarity with our immigrant co-workers, students and neighbors, and to demand respect and fair pay for all workers, including the full-time faculty and staff and adjunct instructors of CUNY. The event will begin with a rally at 5:30 PM in Columbus Circle. That will be followed by a march to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

The April 8 article, “The Death of an Adjunct,” tells the story of Dr. Thea Hunter, who had been an adjunct at City College until she died last December. The article shows how racism and the conditions of academic labor converged to sabotage the career of a promising scholar and celebrated teacher. Dr. Hunter’s death was the subject of testimony before the CUNY Board of Trustees January by a PSC activist, and many PSC colleagues have expressed their profound sorrow—and anger—at her loss. PSC president Barbara Bowen commented: “The punishing conditions of academic labor and adjunct work must be changed. Dr. Hunter’s story is a reminder of the toll they take on individual lives and how lethal they are when combined with racism and sexism. Reading her story has inspired many of us to redouble our efforts to end the exploitation of academic labor.”

It’s April, the weather’s turning warm, but the Governor is keeping us out in the cold as CUNY’s senior college students, faculty, and staff see little good news in the State budget.  Feeling frustrated?  Take your frustration out the old-fashioned way!  With kickball on the East Quad in solidarity with your colleagues and students.  It’s time to pivot the contract campaign to getting new funding before the State legislative session ends in June, and getting the attention of the City Council and Mayor, whose budget arrives next.

This is an event to show the union's appreciation for the 276 CUNY adjuncts who logged their hours from February 19 to March 19.

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Ballots were mailed April 1 to union members in the 14 PSC chapters that are holding elections in the spring of 2019. Completed ballots in uncontested elections must be received at the PSC office by 5 PM Tuesday, April 30. Completed ballots in contested elections must be received at the American Arbitration Association by 5 PM Tuesday, April 30. The 14 chapters holding elections will elect chapter officers, delegates and alternates to the PSC Delegate Assembly, along with representatives to the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Advisory Council. To vote in the Spring 2019 PSC elections, your signed PSC membership card must have been received on or before December 3, 2018. Only members can vote in union elections or contract ratification votes. Click here for election rules and other deadlines.

The challenges newly hired faculty face can be daunting, but you don’t have to face them alone. Please join us for the PSC’s Junior Faculty Development Day Friday, April 5 from 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. It’s a day of workshops and presentations from department chairs, grievance counselors, newly tenured faculty and union officers organized to help you navigate the tenure process and utilize the resources available at CUNY to support your scholarship. The union is here for you.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


March 21, 2019

To the Proponents of "7K or Strike":

The misrepresentation of the PSC's position on the question of a strike has to stop. "7K or Strike" is not the position of the union.

Some members who have participated in "7K or Strike" events have done so because they want to open up discussion of whether a strike is the right tactic for this moment, or because they believe they are advancing the union's contract campaign, or simply because they want to show their support for adjuncts. All of these positions are valid. But a relatively small group of "7K or Strike" proponents has attempted to confuse colleagues and the media about the union's position. This letter is addressed to them.