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PSC members joined a revenue-focused day of action at the New York State Capitol on Tuesday, February 7, the day legislators held a hearing on taxes in the State budget. They were there in coalition activists from the NYS Council of Churches, Citizen Action and many other groups to demand expansion of the State Millionaires’ Tax, an end to the Billionaires’ Tax Loophole (Wall Street’s Carried Interest Tax loophole) and claw-backs of corrupt corporate welfare programs. The tax plan, if implemented, would raise an additional $8 billion that could drive new investments for the public good, including full funding of public universities and k-12 schools.

Council Member Dan Garodnick will host an informational session on the StuyTown Lottery Monday, February 27, 6:30-8:30pm at Simon Baruch Middle School, 104 Auditorium, 330 E. 21st St.

A small number of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments are expected to become available at below-market rents at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village. Located on the east side of Manhattan, below 23rd Street, this housing complex of over 11,000 apartments was recently taken over by a division of Blackstone Group. Download a flier.

In an arrangement negotiated with the deBlasio administration as part of the takeover, 40% of the apartments are to be offered at below-market rents as they become vacant. The management company expects the rent-stabilized rents for apartments that become vacant this year to be about $2800/month for a one-bedroom unit and $3400/month for a 2-bedroom unit.

The management company is running a lottery to create lists of interested potential tenants. There are minimum and maximum household income requirements for eligibility.

PSC members are invited to register for the lottery by clicking on the lottery webpage here and submitting the requested information between Monday February 6 and Friday March 10. Those who register are assigned random numbers. After March 10th, a certain number of random numbers will be drawn and will be placed on a list for income verification and for eligibility to be offered a lease as apartments of the desired size become available. The lottery will not be held until the end of the registration period; there is no advantage to registering early. You must be in a position to sign a lease within 90 days of the offer. You will be notified if your number is not drawn and you are not placed on a list.

PSC member Saira Rafiee granted re-entry to U.S.

Saira Rafiee, the PSC member and CUNY doctoral student who was denied entry into the U.S. as a result of President Trump's atrocious executive order banning legal immigrants from seven countries, has been granted re-entry to the United States. Ms. Rafiee landed Saturday in Boston.

CUNY student activists, lawyers from CUNY's Citizenship Now! program, family members and others were at Logan Airport to greet her. That Saira was able to return is thanks to a huge collective effort-together with her own political courage and vision. Even while the outcome of her own case was uncertain, Saira insisted that she be seen as one among many; she called on us to elevate the cases of people without unions and with less access to public voice.

Union support matters. Hundreds of PSC members responded to the union's call for messages urging action on Saira's case, helping to focus public attention on her case. (Click here for a sample of media coverage on PSC and student actions last week.) PSC officers sought advice from the extraordinary immigration lawyers who work at CUNY, and enlisted the support of Senator Schumer, the American Federation of Teachers, Mayor de Blasio, and several other Congressional and local representatives. All deserve our thanks.

Praises Strong Support of Public Higher Education and Universal Pre-K

The Professional Staff Congress (PSC) announced today its endorsement Mayor Bill de Blasio for re-election. The union is backing de Blasio because of his progressive track record over the last four years, particularly his strong support of public higher education.

PSC President Barbara Bowen said: “Mayor de Blasio came into office promising to fight for universal pre-K, expand the paid sick leave law to cover thousands more workers, and raise the minimum wage for all City employees and contractors. He did that. He has also, with less public attention, increased funding for the City University of New York. And in the weeks since the election of Donald Trump, he has reaffirmed New York’s status as a sanctuary city. As CUNY faculty and staff, we understand the vital role public higher education plays in combating income inequality, and we know that increased City funding for CUNY is making a difference. We also understand the urgency of asserting a progressive agenda at this political moment. There is still more to be done, and we will work with Mayor de Blasio to advance a progressive agenda for New York.”

On Saturday, January 21, over 1,000 people -- faculty, staff, family, friends, students and other trade unionists -- marched with the PSC in NYC Women’s March.

The Mayor’s office estimated the NYC event at 400,000, with thousands still marching long after sunset. Millions – some estimates as high as 4 million -- participated in 673 events in all fifty states and on seven continents. There was even a rally in Antarctica.

march on nyc.jpg
Numbers are growing for the Women's March on New York City this Saturday, January 21! Sign up here to let us know you plan to join the large PSC contingent and to receive updates. Bring your family, colleagues and friends. All are welcome. We have also invited CUNY students and labor activists from other unions to march with us. Join us on this historic day of resistance.

Don’t miss this historic, necessary protest. And you don’t have to travel to D.C. to participate. The PSC is organizing with CUNY students for a strong contingent at the Women’s March on New York City.

PSC Meeting Point:
Northwest corner of 46th Street and 1st Avenue
For the rally and march: by 10:15
For the march only: by 11:30

Let us know that we can count on you to be there by filling out this form.

A Message from PSC Treasurer Sharon Persinger

Dear PSC members,

We have confirmed dates! In our meetings and phone calls with CUNY's Office of Human Resources Management, we continued to stress PSC members' anger at the length of time it has taken for the hard-won pay increases to actually show up in their paychecks. We insisted that the timetable announced in the first update must be made firm, and now it has been. We are assured by CUNY, New York State, and New York City that our retroactive pay back to 4/20/2012 will be paid in the second paycheck of January 2017, on January 19, 2017 at the senior colleges and on January 27, 2017 at the community colleges. In addition, faculty and professional staff who are on biweekly payroll on those dates will receive the biweekly pay reflecting salary increases through 4/20/2016.

For more details on the salary increases, back pay, tax-deferred retirement savings plans and reappointment letters, read the rest of this message. For even more information, you can follow this link to CUNY's "Frequently Asked Questions" on salary increases and retroactive pay, posted at the website of CUNY's Office of Human Resources Management.

h2>CUNY Rising White Paper Praises What Works At CUNY, Calls for $2B in Public Funding to End Chronic Disinvestment

New York—The CUNY Rising Alliance and supporters called on Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo today to uphold their post-election promises to protect at-risk New Yorkers by committing to phase in a $2 billion plan to fund free, high-quality education for all City University of New York students.

CUNY undergraduates are 40% immigrants and 77% people of color. CUNY serves a half-million mostly low-income New Yorkers and most of New York’s immigrant students. Many CUNY students feel threatened by the racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric of the presidential election and the rise in hate crimes in its aftermath. Yet the university they depend on for a chance at the American Dream is too expensive for many and vastly underfunded.

About 8,000 students attend tuition-free as part of CUNY’s nationally renowned and well-funded Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) initiative. That number will grow to 25,000 by 2018 thanks to promised investments from the City, but still fewer than 10% of matriculated CUNY students will benefit. ASAP students are more likely to succeed at CUNY and graduate faster than other CUNY students because they receive high-contact teaching and advisement and robust supports that CUNY cannot afford to offer to most students.

The white paper released today by CUNY Rising explains the success of ASAP and CUNY’s other targeted student success programs. It also details the disinvestment that imperils CUNY’s mission to educate “the children of the whole people” of New York. From 2008 – 2015 per-student funding from the State fell 17% at CUNY senior colleges and 5% at community colleges, when adjusted for inflation. Per-student City funding for the community colleges fell 13% over the same period, when adjusted for inflation.

President Bowen presented this letter calling on CUNY to become a "sanctuary university," as defined by the AAUP, to Chancellor Milliken in a meeting the morning of Friday, December 2. The letter was sent to Chairperson Thompson later that afternoon. The PSC officers strongly urged the Chancellor to make a public declaration of sanctuary and to do so as soon as possible. The CUNY administration has already indicated that it is committed to several of the positions urged by the PSC. The union is hopeful that CUNY will make a declaration. CUNY should be at the forefront of the sanctuary university movement.