Vaccine 101 Town Halls, Tues., Feb. 9

Updated: February 18, 2021
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PSC members are invited to attend one of two town halls about COVID-19 vaccines scheduled for next Tuesday, February 9.

In-person higher education workers have access to the vaccine now, thanks to the work of our union and our partners at UUP and NYSUT. Even though the category is described officially as “instructors and faculty,” the PSC takes the position that all instructional staff working in person—that is, professional staff as well as faculty—are included. If you are working on campus for any period this semester, you are encouraged to seek an appointment for vaccination.

The PSC has negotiated two hours of paid leave time for all full-time CUNY employees who have a vaccination appointment, for a total of four hours per person, covering two doses of the vaccine. We are now pressing to expand that provision to include part-time faculty and staff. Read more.

All PSC-represented workers must have access to vaccination if they are required to work in person in the fall. The union is fighting to make that possible, and working to get you the information you need about the vaccine and how to get it.

To that end, we have invited Dr. Jennifer Rosen from the Bureau of Immunization, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to speak to members next Tuesday. Dr. Rosen will discuss the crisis facing the city and the mayor's plans for fighting the COVID-19 virus. She will answer your questions about the effectiveness and the availability of the vaccine. There are two scheduled sessions. These are Zoom webinars and preregistration is required.


Members of the PSC Health and Safety Watchdogs committee will also present during the event.