Support Striking Los Angeles Teachers

Updated: January 22, 2019
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After two years at the bargaining table, The United Teachers LA has gone on strike.

Teachers in Los Angeles are demanding wage increases and, just as important, funding for community schools and other crucial services for their students such as counselors, nurses, smaller classes and less testing. They have gone on strike, and although they do not face the same legal restrictions and penalties of NY State's Taylor Law, they need the support and solidarity of union locals from across the country!

When one local makes gains for its members and communities, we all stand to gain! The PSC supports UTLA in its fight for quality public education for all! Here are two ways you can support them:

Wear RED FOR ED to show support for a contract that will stabilize and strengthen LA schools. Take a photo and spread the word on social media: @UTLAnow #WeAreLA #UTLAstrong

Contribute! If you want to make a financial contribution, you can do so through the UTLA Support Fund, set up by the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools.

Send a letter to the LA Schools Superintendent demanding an end to austerity funding! As of Tuesday, January 22nd, the LA teachers are reportedly getting closer to a settlement, but they urgently need our help today to push their school superintendent to do the right thing. Nationally visible support matters! Please take two minutes to send this letter to the LA Schools Superintendent demanding that the city stop starving the public schools and invest its billions of dollars in reserve in the students' future.

We are all LA!