Successful Union Grievance and Member Pressure Secures Three-Year Appointments for Eight NYCCT and Five Medgar Evers Adjuncts

Updated: October 1, 2021
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CUNY colleges facing funding cuts and continuing enrollment declines have laid off or improperly reappointed scores of CUNY adjuncts who were eligible for three-year appointments or reappointments. The details vary from college to college, but the overall effect has been a targeting of some of CUNY’s most experienced adjunct faculty. The PSC has pushed for the proper rehiring of these faculty at the chapter level and in labor-management meetings, at demonstrations, in the press and through the grievance process. While a number of grievances are ongoing, there is good news to report about eight such adjuncts at NYC College of Technology (NYCCT) and five at Medgar Evers College.

After a Step 1 grievance hearing, NYCCT has conceded that 8 adjuncts who previously qualified for three-year appointments were improperly given “one year with guidance” appointments. The eight NYCCT adjuncts will be issued new, three-year reappointment letters for 2021-22 through 2023-24, and the union will be in a stronger position to oppose improper application of the one year with guidance appointment at other colleges.

At Medgar Evers College, after 16 months of pressure, five adjuncts who were non-reappointed in June 2020 will be rehired, and CUNY has acknowledged that no special agreement with the PSC is necessary for them to do so. The union has withdrawn these adjuncts from the grievance that is currently pending arbitration but is continuing to press on every front to restore the jobs of adjuncts laid off during the pandemic. Each successful grievance makes our union stronger and inspires us to keep fighting.