Save Student Activities and Democracy at CUNY

Updated: March 12, 2018
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Students’ right to engage in free speech and participate in self-governance—to decide upon, participate in, and organize the activities of their choosing—is a fundamental right that should not be abridged.

Yet, the CUNY Board of Trustees is considering a proposal to restrict the way student activity fees can be used on all CUNY campuses, effectively diminishing the student role in making funding decisions and eliminating vital services and programs.

President Bowen has sent a letter to the CUNY Board of Trustees to voice the union’s support for a fully open, inclusive process for considering any consequential changes proposed for student activity fees at CUNY. The letter calls on the CUNY Board of Trustees not to diminish CUNY students’ rights and urges the Board to engage with CUNY student groups and student leaders before reshaping the rules for the student activity fee.

The next CUNY Board of Trustees hearing is on Monday, March 12 at 4:30 p.m. at Brooklyn College in the Gold Room of the Student Center, 2705 Campus Road (at Amersfort Place) Brooklyn, New York 11210. PSC members will testify. The CUNY Rising Alliance is mobilizing the CUNY community and CUNY allies to stand up for student democracy at the hearing.