PSC at May Day

Paul Washington, a HEO at Medgar Evers College, speaking at the May Day rally.

A strong PSC contingent, conspicuously visible, helped make the May Day rally in Foley a resounding success. Paul Washington, representing the union, gave a passionate and pointed address to the crowd highlighting the assault austerity budgets mount on communities of color and working people in general.

If May Day 2010 represented a re-embrace of May Day by organized labor after its abandonment in 1894, then May Day 2011 represented labor’s declaration that it will never surrender the day again.

Another signal achievement of May Day 2011 was the bringing together of the Union Square and Foley Square rallies, an achievement which symbolized the determination of community organizations, immigrant rights groups, organized and unorganized workers, and a wide range of political formations to make a statement about the urgency of a united front in this time of general crisis.

Links to May Day coverage:

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The PSC had a strong presence at the 2011 May Day.