Proposed Retirees' Dues Change

Updated: May 21, 2019
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A Special DA has been scheduled at 7pm on Thursday, June 20th to vote on the Resolution to change and increase the dues of Retiree Chapter members only. (The regular DA will adjourn to convene the Special DA.) Retiree members pay a flat dollar amount of dues. Current working members pay a percentage of their pay, so dues increase when there is a salary increase. This dues change will not affect the dues paid by PSC members who are not members of the Retiree Chapter.

Under Article IV, Section 1 of the PSC Constitution, two-thirds (2/3) of the Delegates present at the Special DA must vote in favor of the resolution for the change to be put into effect. As with every DA, it is essential to have a quorum for business to be conducted. Please feel free to contact your chapter Delegates to express your point of view. Chapter Delegates can be found here on the PSC website.


Whereas, the annual dues for members of the Retirees Chapter of the Professional Staff Congress is currently $71, and

Whereas, this amount has not been raised in more than twenty years, and

Whereas, the Executive Board of the PSC Retirees Chapter has had substantial discussions about raising the dues and has conducted an informal survey of members in an issue of Turning the Page, the monthly PSC retirees' newsletter, and

Whereas, 83% of those who responded to the survey indicated they were in favor of a dues increase, and

Whereas, we would like to encourage CUNY and RF/CUNY part-timers who retire to join the Retirees Chapter, therefore be it

Resolved that a dues schedule category be created, called "retired part-timer." A retired part-timer is any person who was employed part time at CUNY or the CUNY Research Foundation, in any title covered by a PSC contract, and who did not retire as a full-time faculty or staff member;

Resolved that the annual PSC dues for full-time CUNY or CUNY Research Foundation retirees will be raised to $85 beginning September, 2019; and be it further

Resolved that retired part-timer annual dues shall be set at $40, beginning September 2019.