March with PSC in the Labor Day Parade--Sept. 8

Dear Colleagues,

Please join your PSC sisters and brothers and their families in the Labor Day March on Saturday, September 8th. Use this link to RSVP.

We will gather as a union at 10:45 in front of the Roosevelt Hotel on the north side of East 45th Street between Madison and Vanderbilt. Then we will head over to our place in the staging area, on East 45th Street between 5th and Vanderbilt Avenues at 11:15am.

Action is the key to the changes we seek, but symbols play a role as well. The labor movement nationwide watches New York and the message we send reverberates. A critical national election is three months away.

This year’s theme is “Strength, Pride, Unity”. And much as we have to celebrate, we know we are in the midst of a protracted struggle. Millions remain unemployed or underemployed. Those still at work face wage cuts, furloughs, and reduced benefits and pensions. Public employees are demonized, and the very right of unions to organize is in jeopardy.

We reject contrived austerity. PSC members have been active in many actions of solidarity to resist contrived austerity; supporting workers on strike, supporting the occupy movement, supporting the social safety net and working to advance member need. Our presence at the Labor Day parade represents one more way to resist contrived austerity. Public services must be preserved and enhanced. We can and must control military spending. Those who benefit most from our economy—whatever its condition—ought to pay their fair share; the ratio of corporate profits to wages is higher than at any time since before the Great Depression. This has been the worst decade for American workers in a century.

It’s about jobs. It’s about job security. It’s about the quality of the services we deliver. It’s about wages, It’s about the social safety net. It’s about essential public services like education.

Stand up for what we need, what we deserve, what we’ve earned! Please join us!

If you are going to attend please use this link to RSVP.

Thank you in advance for your support.
In solidarity,
Jim Perlstein and Mike Fabricant,
PSC Solidarity Committee Co-Chairs