Invest in Our New York. Invest in CUNY.

Updated: January 6, 2021
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Tell Governor Cuomo, "New York can't wait—pass the Invest In Our New York Act NOW.

People in New York are hurting — with the students and communities served by CUNY bearing the brunt of sickness and job loss. Working-class and poor New Yorkers, Black and brown people, and immigrants need more investment in the institutions that serve their communities. But Governor Cuomo has "withheld" 20% of State funding for CUNY since the start of the COVID crisis.

During the pandemic recession CUNY has endured cuts and adjunct layoffs and 60% of New Yorkers have lost income. But New York’s 120 billionaires have grown $77 billion richer.

Governor Cuomo and the Legislature can fully fund CUNY and rebuild our economy by ending tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers. That’s why the PSC is an active member of the growing coalition of groups campaigning for the Invest In Our New York Act, a package of bills that would end tax breaks for the wealthiest New Yorkers and raise $50 billion to invest in CUNY, housing, health care, schools and teachers, towns and cities, workers and youth. The campaign launched this week with events throughout the state. Learn more at