Deadline to use annual leave extended

Updated: May 26, 2021
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Dear Colleagues:

Good news about using your accrued annual leave! The PSC and CUNY have reached an agreement that the August 31 deadline to use your annual leave for the current annual leave year will be extended again this year to December 31. Here is the signed agreement.

Annual leave days above the contractual cap (normally 45 days) may be rolled over from August 31, 2021, into the annual leave year beginning September 1, 2021, but must be used by December 31. After that, days over the cap will be deducted from your accrual. Please read the agreement carefully for details.

The campaign union members waged last year, when we held a Claim Your Annual Leave Day, set the stage for the agreement this year. CUNY management heard our message when we spoke with one voice and took action in the workplace. Thank you to all the HEOs, CLTs, Librarians, Counselors and others who stood up for our collective needs. CUNY moved quickly to offer the agreement this year.

This added flexibility is intended to allow you to take the time off that you have earned. As the pandemic continues to recede, we hope that you will be able to make the plans you may have postponed or cancelled during this traumatic year.

We wish you good health and an opportunity to rest and recharge.

In solidarity,
Barbara Bowen and Andrea Vásquez
PSC President and First Vice President