Be Counted

Updated: October 3, 2020
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Read more about the 2020 Census in Clarion.

The 2020 Census count is currently scheduled to end on September 30. Have you been counted? Have you urged your students and friends to be counted?

Billions of dollars and our voice in government are at risk. Get it done right now at

New York State receives roughly $121 billion per year from programs guided by the federal census. Yet only 76 percent of NYS households responded to the 2010 survey. And 2010 was a year without coronavirus and without the Trump administration, which has been successfully undermining the count.

If New York is undercounted, that will mean less funding for hospitals and medical assistance, highways, public transit, Pell grants, housing, education, and so much more. We’re in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic recession. CUNY, K-12 schools and all of the public services we rely on are bracing for deep, painful budget cuts. CUNY has had almost 3000 adjunct layoffs and the Mayor has warned of thousands more layoffs throughout the rest of City's workforce. Our City & State budgets cannot withstand additional cuts to their federal allocations. Additionally, if NYS participation in the Census falls, our state may lose a vote in the House of Representatives.

The PSC and our allies are fighting the cuts and campaigning for federal stimulus and increased taxes on the ultra-rich to protect funding for our university—for the entire public sector.

Filling out the census is the absolute easiest thing New Yorkers can do to shore up funding of the education and services we depend on. Fill it out yourself, if you haven’t yet. Be a census advocate!

Educate your students, who are statistically likely to be among the people who are typically undercounted by the census. Help them to see the connection between the census, their education and the wellbeing of their communities. English-language resources are posted here. Resources in many other languages are here.