April 2013 Election Results

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Thirteen PSC chapters held votes in April to elect chapter officers, delegates and alternates to the union’s Delegate Assembly. Seven campuses also voted to elect representatives to the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Advisory Council. The Elections Committee certified all the elections except for the vote at the College of Staten Island. The College of Staten Island chapter election results have been challenged and the Elections Committee is reviewing the challenge. The PSC Delegate Assembly, at it May 16th meeting, accepted the Elections Committee’s certification report, making the results official.

Click here for a report listing the elected chapter chairs* as certified by the Elections Committee and voter participation (ballots mailed, numbers voting and slate votes). A full listing of all chapter officers* elected is available here.

The spring 2013 CSI faculty chapter election resulted in an outcome with candidates from both competing slates being elected. The vote count was conducted by the American Arbitration Association. Representatives of the Brand New Day slate accepted the results; representatives of the CSI-New Caucus slate challenged the election and alleged four violations.The PSC Elections Committee June 2013 report summarizes the Committee’s findings. They dismissed three of the allegations and found that one allegation, whether it had an impact on the election outcome or not, was reason enough to order a new election under federal labor law.

The PSC Constitution has a three-year limit for terms of office. Therefore, the previous chapter officers’ terms have expired. They no longer represent the PSC on campus.The CSI faculty chapter election re-run will take place on or about October 1st 2013.

*Excluding CSI.