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Updated: February 6, 2018
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HEOs, Sign the New PSC Membership Card

PSC membership means a better contract, a better CUNY

All CUNY employees represented by the PSC should reaffirm their PSC membership or join the union by signing this new union card. 433 HEOs already did just this summer! The Supreme Court will rule this year on a case designed to destroy union power. But the Court cannot destroy our union if we all sign the new membership card. Click here for a brochure detailing many of the raises, benefits, job protections and better working conditions we’ve achieved together. The gains are possible because we all contribute financially to the union, enabling us to use our collective power in the workplace. It is exactly that power that is under attack. Sign the new card today!

News about the new $2,500 salary differential for HEOs

First, the good news: thus far, the applications of fifteen HEOs from eight colleges have gone all the way through Presidential approval and those HEOs are now receiving the $2,500 differential on their base pay! Second, the uncertainties: at some campuses we still do not know if the college HEO screening committees and the Presidents are fairly reviewing the applications that are in the pipeline since we have yet to hear the results. And, lastly, the challenges: at a few campuses there have been rejections, sometimes with claims that there is no money in the budget. While colleges do need to make serious decisions about their budgets, this agreement between CUNY and the PSC must be respected, just as faculty promotions are respected when they are approved by their committees. Contractually, the merit of the application is what is under review for this new benefit. The very modest amount of money that HEOs will receive after they have gone through the process and been approved at three stages is extremely important to the union and to HEOs who cannot get "promotions." Please notify the union immediately if members are being either denied or discouraged from applying because of budget.

Bargaining Update

Over the summer a HEO contract advisory committee began meeting to review HEO issues in advance of the next round of bargaining. The committee looked at issues we heard about from members over the past year and in earlier rounds of bargaining and the committee will advise the bargaining team of HEOs' key concerns. In addition to suggesting ways to improve the new salary differential, some other issues related to job security, annual leave, bullying, and professional leaves. Over the course of the contract campaign the committee will continue to meet and, as a chapter, will continue to organize on each campus to build our strength and capacity.

Quick Reminders

  • Next city-wide HEO chapter meeting: 11/15 6:30 at the PSC.
  • Please also attend your local PSC meetings! See the calendar.
  • Don't forget the salary differential for assistant to HEOs with advanced degrees. read about it and other contract gains we've won for HEOs at the HEO Rights and Benefits page.

A Message From Andrea Vásquez, Your HEO Chapter Chair

Hello, HEOs!

We are well into the semester and I cannot think of a better way to welcome you back than to say thank you for all the union work you managed to do over the summer! Many HEOs joined with the PSC organizing staff to visit newly hired HEOs and, as a result of those efforts, we signed up 433 new HEOs this summer! Please see the first message above to join the membership campaign!

Here is a brief summary from the first HEO chapter meeting that was held on September 19th:
a) The chapter chair, Andrea Ades Vásquez, recognized the invaluable work done by the approximately 100 PSC members of HEO labor management committees across CUNY. Many delegates and members of those committees were in attendance and applause went out to them. Vásquez gave an update on the new HEO contract provisions for the differential (see above) and members discussed specific ways to strengthen the process as well as items for the next round of bargaining. The PSC contract bargaining team will be hearing these recommendations in advance of contract negotiations. Vásquez also reported on the recent PSC contract survey. HEOs had an excellent 44% response rate with those participating reflecting the diversity of title, race, ethnicity, and gender of our chapter.

b) President Bowen spoke with HEOs about the current political climate as it relates to CUNY, unions in general, and the PSC. Noting that there are many things going on nationally that are not under our control, the future of our union is. Bowen discussed the Supreme Court case Janus vs. AFSCME and specific tactics that would be used by the right wing to weaken unions. Use the HEO Handbook as you speak to your colleagues about the benefits we have because of the fights we have waged with our union.

c) Iris DeLutro, PSC Vice President for Cross Campus Units, reported on the recent election results with many PSC endorsed candidates winning. One BMCC HEO delegate reported on the phone banking she had done and urged others to attend the PSC legislative committee meetings. Iris also spoke about the MOE bill that we will again be fighting for as well as upcoming vote on whether to hold a NYS Constitutional Convention and the importance of voting NO on such an amendment.

d) An election was held to fill one vacated position on the HEO chapter's executive committee and Andrew Bennett of Guttman Community College was unanimously elected as alternate delegate. We now have at least one elected HEO representative at every CUNY college.

e) A CCNY member raised for discussion the NYS "loyalty oath" that all employees must sign. She discussed the dangerous history of such oaths and the ways that they played out at CUNY during the McCarthy period of the 1950s.

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