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Current PSC Dues/Fee Structure and History

by Diana Rosato, PSC Membership Coordinator

By action of the PSC Delegate Assembly in June 2001, all full-time members and non-members (agency fee payers) had a change in the amount of union dues or fees deducted from their paychecks. Effective in September 2001, all full-time employees covered by the PSC-CUNY collective bargaining agreement have incurred a 1.05% union dues/agency shop fee deduction from their total bi-weekly gross earnings. The dues/fees rate was restructured from a fixed bi-weekly rate to a percentage-based deduction.

Prior to 2001, the PSC’s dues and fees were set at a flat bi-weekly amount. Under the old flat bi-weekly rate, individuals who earned the least paid the highest percentage of their income to the PSC. The current percentage-based calculation was approved to create a level of equity and fairness. Those who earn less pay a lower dues/fees rate.

Part-time PSC members also saw a switch from a fixed bi-weekly rate to a percentage-based rate. In 2001, for the first time in the union’s history, agency fees were implemented to include all part-time non-members of the PSC (including adjuncts, graduate assistants, continuing education teachers and hourlies). The PSC Delegate Assembly approved implementation of agency fees for all part- timers back in February 2001. However, due to the complexity of the City and State payroll systems it was decided to implement the part-time agency fees as well as the new percentage based rates with the start of the new academic year.

Dues and agency shop fees are deducted from each paycheck earned. For example, an individual that is full-time and also working part-time will incur a 1.05% union dues or agency shop fee deduction from the full-time check and a 1% union dues or agency shop fee deduction from the part-time check. Part-timers holding multiple positions will see the 1% union dues or agency shop fees deducted from each of their part-time checks. Graduate Assistants also incur a 1% deduction from each paycheck. The dues/fees percentage rates have not increased since 2001.

If you would like more information on joining the PSC, or would like to check if you are a member of the union, call the PSC Membership Department at (212) 354-1252 or 212-PSC-CUNY.

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