Updated: July 7, 2020
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We hope you are all well.

PSC staff and officers are now working remotely to help slow the spread of the pandemic virus COVID-19 and safeguard the health of our employees and members. The office at 61 Broadway will be closed until public health experts indicate a reduced need for social distancing measures.

PSC is engaged in "impact bargaining"—over changes in contractual terms and conditions of employment resulting from the COVID-19 emergency—to protect our members in this critical time. The union and management recently signed our first supplemental agreement. The agreement covers classroom teaching observations; annual evaluations for both staff and faculty; office hours conducted through distance technology; decisions on tenure, reclassification and salary differentials that were already in process as of March 12; and an important option for untenured professorial faculty whose tenure decision is approaching. The agreement also permits faculty and staff to retrieve belongings from campus buildings, to the extent allowed by college guidelines. We continue to negotiate over adjunct faculty reappointments all of which are now due on May 15, telecommuting plans, health and safety issues, summer work, the fall semester and other issues.

Please take good care of yourselves, and take care of each other. That’s what unions do. And check out the articles that our members have published on the impact of this crisis on the CUNY community. Throughout the summer, the union continues to fight for the safety and health of its members. To find out about actions during the Summer of 2020, go to the Save Lives, Save Jobs, Save CUNY campaign page.

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