Article 4: Check‑Off and Agency Shop

4.1 Check‑Off:
The University agrees to the principle of exclusive check‑off of annual PSC dues in amounts to be determined by the PSC in accordance with the forms and procedures approved by the Comptroller's Office of the City of New York or State of New York. Withholding authorizations will be submitted to the appropriate University authorities. The University, together with the PSC, shall develop procedures in conjunction with the Comptroller's Office to expedite the deduction of dues and the prompt remission of same to the PSC. When a member on dues deduction is transferred from one unit of the University to another, authorization to withhold dues shall be forwarded to the new payroll office.

4.2 Agency Shop:
The University and the PSC agree that employees covered by this Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be subject to an agency shop fee deduction to the extent permitted by Article Fourteen of the Civil Service Law in accordance with procedures agreed on by the parties.