Appendix D: Pilot Student Mentoring Program Side Letter

Barbara Bowen
Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
61 Broadway, Suite 1500
New York, NY 10006

Dear Dr. Bowen:

Section 13 (“Student Mentoring”) of the 2007-10 Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) provided for a labor-management committee to be convened to design a pilot student mentoring program for trial implementation in the fall of 2009. The voluntary pilot program was to be designed to enhance the educational experience of students and to assist in student retention and was to include appropriate compensation for mentors.

In accordance with the terms of section 13 of the MOA, representatives of the University and the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY met on a number of occasions and made a good faith effort to design a pilot student mentoring program for trial implementation. The parties hereby agree that they have fulfilled their contractual obligations under section 13 of the MOA and shall have no further obligations to each other with regard to the implementation of its terms.


Pamela S. Silverblatt Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations

AGREED: /s/____________________________________________________
Professional Staff Congress/CUNY Date