Committee Structure

A standing committee of the Executive Council, the members of the Committee are appointed by the Executive Council. The appointment of the Legislative Representative must also be approved by the Delegate Assembly. Monthly meetings are open to all PSC members and are encourage to help keep their colleagues informed about the union’s political action work.

Borough Legislation Committees

The Committee on Legislation has five Borough Committees, each with two coordinators who organize opportunities for union members to meet elected officials in the official’s district office. The coordinators also support the chapters’ political action activities and recommend electoral candidates from their borough for the PSC’s endorsement.

Chapter Legislation Committees

All chapters are encouraged to designate a committee or individual to be their liaison with the PSC Committee on Legislation. To contact the chapter legislation committee at your college, see list below. If you are interested in starting a committee at your campus, contact Amanda Magalhaes ( or sign-up on the Committee on Legislation web page.