An open letter to CUNY | February 2019

Based on the information publicly available, hundreds of our members have expressed concerns and objections to the deal.

Democrats won big in November at both the state and national level, with substantial contributions from PSC members.

PSC President Barbara Bowen addresses the progress in bargaining and the need to organize a massive union presence for the September 27 demonstration in the financial district.

Politicians have recently supported the state’s ban on strikes by government workers. A renowned labor law expert makes the case for getting rid of it.

High-profile suicides in the news are a reminder that rising workloads in the academic sector pose real public and mental health concerns.

Junior faculty day at PSC | June/July 2018
The email I will not send | June/July 2018

Tom Watters, an adjunct faculty member at Brooklyn College, details the tireles

This solidarity didn’t come out of nowhere – there was a long, grassroots organizing campaign.

Austerity can be beaten | February 2018

“I almost wept.” That was how one Lehman College professor responded to the contractual teaching load reduction.

The far right has targeted Hunter College sociologist Jessie Daniels for her writing and social media activity. She responds to the firestorm.