PSC members are working creatively, both locally and throughout the country, to stand with immigrants against a xenophobic White House.

Faculty and students say ongoing construction at a Baruch building is harming teaching

A year of escalation | February 2019

For the last year, PSC members have waged a campaign for a fair contract and full funding for CUNY, using a variety of tactics. We look back on the campaign, as the union prepares for more escalation. Above, members blocked the entrance to Baruch College during a Board of Trustees meeting on December 10.

The union blasted the CUNY Board of Trustees, as retirees testified that inaccurate pension calculations mean they aren’t receiving full retirement benefits.

The Democrats now control both houses of the state legislature. The PSC is organizing to advance its agenda in the new Albany landscape.

Members are protesting the governor’s proposed austerity budget for CUNY. The union is pressing the state and city to fund the PSC contract.

Student enrollment has declined at Kingsborough Community College. PSC members have pushed the new administration to address the problem.

CUNY Rising is calling to expand a popular and successful CUNY program.

PSC members packed a CUNY Board of Trustees hearing in October to offer hours of personal testimony and urge the board to do its duty and request a budget that fully funds the next PSC-CUNY contract. Members unrolled a banner with more than 5,000 signatures of members demanding $7,000 per course for adjuncts, raises for all and full funding for the contract.