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Labor and Occupy Wall Street: Natural Allies

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Labor and Occupy Wall Street have developed a supportive relationship. The two groups have very different organizational cultures, but have both been battered by the recession and policies that favor the wealthy over the 99%. Plus, PSC members' stories and perspectives:
PSC Members Assist OWS
Viewpoint: Four Perspectives on Occupy Wall Street

The Adjunct Health Care Crisis: A Welfare Fund Trustee’s Perspective

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This summer, the trustees of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund reluctantly concluded that the financial structure for adjunct health insurance had become unsustainable. A trustee writes about that decision, and what kind of change is needed to prevent an end to adjunct coverage.

Making Some News of Their Own: PSC Members Create Newspapers, Blogs and More

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PSC members have responded to the drumbeat of attacks on unions and public education by making their own media. "As we get pummeled by the narratives of the corporate media, it's important for us to develop our own narratives," said one, who helped start an eight-page alternative paper on his campus.

Viewpoint: Reclaiming Public Institutions, Our Best Hope for a Vibrant Democracy

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In her May 27 commencement address at the Graduate Center, Distinguished Professor Michelle Fine urged graduates to commit themselves to supporting and defending public education and other vital public institutions. "Remember your roots, and go public - everywhere you can," Fine said.

Gen Ed Debate Sharpens, UFS Says Its Views Dismissed

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CUNY central administration’s plan to overhaul general education requirements has sparked months of debate, and this spring 80th Street promised that a revised proposal would reflect concerns raised in faculty discussion. But when CUNY released a revised version of the General Education initiative in mid-May, faculty governance leaders expressed bitter disappointment.


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