Labor Goes to the Movies Presents: Caché

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Friday, December 11, 2015 - 6:00pm
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From its enigmatic first shot, Caché (Haneke, France/Austria, 2005) introduces the question of surveillance, as a bourgeois French family watches its own life being filmed. Over the course of this controversial film, the mysterious, impossible videotapes which arrive at their door trigger the revelations of a childhood injustice against an Algerian playmate of the protagonist. The repressed personal “memories” in fact parallel a real 1961 police massacre of Algerian immigrants in Paris. Filmmaker Haneke, a caustic critic of bourgeois complacency, traces the return of the repressed to uncover crimes on French soil which have resonated ever since in the exclusion of former colonial subjects from full French citizenship, with consequences that make headlines today. Winner of many prizes, including Best European Film of 2005.