Labor Goes to the Movies

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Friday, September 23, 2011 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
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Zer0.jpgZero for Conduct (Vigo, 1933). This classic French film, directed by Jean Vigo - “natural child of surrealism and anarchy”- who died only a year later, is a caustic, surrealist attack on the stultifying atmosphere of a French boarding school. Shown largely through the eyes of the students, the film resolutely champions the anarchic reactions of the students to the wonderfully caricatured disciplinary regime of the school.

binta_poster.jpgBinta and the Great Idea (Javier Fesser, 2004). Nominated for an Academy Award, Binta places young children in the lead roles in a small village pleading for the right of one of the girls, Soda, to go to school over her father’s objection: “I’m in charge here.” The little girl Binta writes a letter composed by her illiterate father to the authorities explaining his “Great Idea” to save the world, while the village children stage a play to teach the father the value of education.

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