PSC Demands Justice

Updated: October 1, 2020
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Around-the-Clock Online Action

8AM Wednesday, August 26 – 8AM Thursday, August 27

PSC is kicking off the Fall campaign with 24 hours of online programming about the fight to Save Lives, Save Jobs, Save CUNY. The marathon day starts at 8AM, Wednesday, August 26, the first day of classes for most CUNY colleges.



8AM       Hosts: Barbara Bowen, President, Andrea Vásquez, First Vice President,
Nivedita Majumdar, Secretary, and Sharon Persinger, Treasurer

  • Welcome to PSC Demands Justice
  • Translation of Demands into Multiple Languages

9AM       Hosts: Penny Lewis, Vice President Senior Colleges and Zabby (Elizabeth) Hovey, John Jay College PSC Chapter Co-Chair

  • Karen Weingarten Op-Ed: Cutting us to the bone is no way to run a university system
  • Demand 1 | CUNY Compliance with NYS Requirement to Engage with Unions
  • How to Use Budgets to Challange Underfunding,Paul Narkunas, John Berzani, Roger Szajngarten
  • Budget Transparency Discussion, Zabby Hovey, Robert Farrell, Jennifer Gaboury 

10AM      Hosts: Joan Greenbaum and Jean Grassman, Health and Safety Watchdogs and David Gerwin, Queens College PSC Chapter Chair

  • Michael Yarborough Op-Ed: What CUNY teaches us about the coronavirus, and vice versa
  • Demand 2 | No Return Without a Safe Return
  • Demand 3 | Accommodations for All At-Risk Faculty and Staff
  • Testimonial on Remote Work, Terry Mares, HEO at College of Staten Island
  • Kristina Baines Op-Ed: Health isn’t just the absence of disease: An important coronavirus lesson

11AM      Hosts: Rosa Squillacote, Vice President Part-Time Personnel, Lynne Turner, Graduate Center PSC Chapter Chair and Pamela Stemberg, City College of NY, Vice Chair

  • Demands 4 & 5 | Laid Off Workers Must be Reinstated | Health Insurance Must be Maintained
  • PSC Vigil for Lives Lost and Threatened
  • Speakers & Comments
  • Organizing Non Teaching Adjuncts' Jobs and Health Care with Luke Elliott-Negri, Joanna Thompson, Andrea Rudner & Max Thorn

12PM      Host: Cindy Bink, Higher Education Officers Chapter Chair

  • HEOs Speak to PSC Demands

1PM       Hosts: Jamell Hendersen, CUNY Rising Coordinator and Jennifer Gaboury, Hunter College Chapter Chair

  • Funding Commercials
  • CUNY Rising Alliance: New Deal for CUNY Roundtable

2PM       Host: Andrea Vásquez, First Vice President

  • Labor and Communities Fight for Budget Justice
         Charles Khan, Strong Economy for All Coalition, organizing director
         Jonas Sheande, Fiscal Policy Institute, chief economist
         Hae-Lin Choi, CWA Dist.1, NYS political director
         Mike Fabricant, PSC legislative representative
         Bettina Damiani, PSC director of policy and research
         Tiffany Brown, PSC legislative/communications associate

3PM       Hosts: Mike Fabricant, Legislative Chair and Blanca Vázquez, Part-time Personnel Officer

  • Duane Tananbaum Op-Ed: Gov. Cuomo, let history be your guide: Previous governors have raised taxes in the midst of economic emergencies
  • Demands 6, 7 & 8 | Impact Bargaining

4PM       Host: James Davis, Brooklyn College PSC Chapter Chair

  • Demand 9 | CUNY Must Freeze Tuition and Eliminate the Wellness Fee
  • BC Student Voices & Organizing Against Racial Austerity

5PM       Hosts: Bill Friedheim, PSC Retiree Chapter Chair and Eileen Moran, Retiree 

  • The Fight Against Austerity at CUNY, 1972- Present
  • BCC Day of Action & Testimony Video Montage
  • Nicholas Freudenberg, Michelle Fine and Erinn Bacchus Op-Ed: After COVID-19, we must save CUNY

6PM       Hosts: Renee Freeman-Butler, HEO, LaGuardia Community College and Makeba Pinder, HEO, Medgar Evers College

  • Demand 10 | CUNY Must Address the Health Emergency Confronting CUNY Students
  • Natalie Bump Vena Op-Ed: How CUNY helps dismantle racism: Keep funded a vital lifeline for New Yorkers of color

6:30PM       Hosts: Barbara Bowen, President, Andrea Vásquez, First Vice President, Nivedita Majumdar, Secretary, and Sharon Persinger, Treasurer 

  • What We're Fighting For and What's Next
  • Tina Moore, Hunter Campus Schools PSC Chapter Chair
  • Jeannette Batiz, College Lab Technicians, Vice Chair
  • David Hatchett, PSC Executive Board
  • James Davis, Brooklyn College PSC Chapter Chair
  • Angel Martinez, Bronx Community College PSC Delegate
  • Rosa Squillacote. Vice President for Part-time Personnel

8PM       Host: George Sanchez, College of Staten Island PSC Chapter Chair 

  • CUNY Student Art

9:30PM       Host: George Sanchez, College of Staten Island PSC Chapter Chair 

  • Funding Commercials
  • Census PSA
  • NYPD, the NYC Budget & CUNY Campus Safety, Alex Vitale and Carla Shedd

10PM       Host: Alia Tyner, Guttman Community College PSC Chapter Chair

  • Evan Turiano Op-Ed: A Tale of two New York City budgets
  • CUNY Association of Black Faculty and Staff
  • Andres Cerpa Testimonial on Loss of Health Insurance
  • Student Life in COVID
  • Funding Comercials
  • Census PSA
  • Costas Panayotakis Op-Ed: The Uses and Abuses of Social Distancing Under Capitalism
  • BMCC on Phone Banking
  • Mike Fabricant and Steve Brier Op-Ed: Racialized Austerity: The Case of CUNY

12-6AM     Host: George Sanchez, College of Staten Island PSC Chapter Chair

  • A year in the life of Teachers
  • Plagues & Pandemics: How Do the Humanities Help us Understand the Current Crisis?
  • Anti-Asian Racism during the Pandemic
  • BCC Panel Discussion: Immigration and Decolonizing the Curriculum
  • Student Life in COVID, Thomas Cleary, LaGuardia Community College 
  • Writers Against Austerity & Other Content
  • Peoples' Hearing of the Board of Trustees

6AM       Host: James Davis, Broklyn College PSC Chapter Chair

  • August 19 Town Hall on the Future of the Graduate Center 
  • Funding Commercials
  • Census PSA
  • June 12 Elected Officials and CUNY Faculty Union: Protect CUNY to Fight Systemic Racism

7:30AM       Hosts: Barbara Bowen, President, Andrea Vásquez, First Vice President, Nivedita Majumdar, Secretary, and Sharon Persinger, Treasurer 

  • Thank You and Good Morning