Campaign for a New CUNY Contract

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Mass Rally and March, Tues., Oct 21.

CUNY contracts are negotiated at the bargaining table, but won on the ground. And we need to keep up the pressure on CUNY and the State and City officials who approve our contracts. That's why hundreds of CUNY faculty and professional staff rallied and marched on Tuesday, October 21st. After a spirited early evening rally at the Community Church of New York on East 35th Street, attendees took to the streets, marching, chanting and singing as they went past the governor's NYC office and then to new CUNY headquarters on East 42nd Street. The message: CUNY NEEDS A RAISE.

Contract Demonstration at Board of Trustees, Sept. 29

Sights and sounds from the demonstration are collected in the above slideshow from the PSC and a video from The Chief Leader. Check them out.

Thank you, PSC!

A message from President Barbara Bowen--Sept. 30

Close to 1,000 members came out for yesterday’s contract demonstration at the Board of Trustees. Thank you for your beautiful response to the union's call. It was a spirited, inspiring event. The huge turnout speaks for itself: our numbers are the best testimony to the intensity of our demand that the CUNY administration act now to resolve the contract.

We were so numerous that we overflowed our space on one block and encircled the entire block where the trustees were meeting. A hundred faculty and staff went inside to the meeting itself, where we disrupted business as usual with our loud demand for an economic offer. There was no possibility that the trustees, the chancellor and the college presidents could fail to hear our message. DoRightThing.jpg

What happens now? The PSC bargaining team will use the momentum we created yesterday to press CUNY management to put an economic offer on the table. While we turn up the heat on the administration, we will also continue to meet directly with elected officials about our contract.

And if we do not have a satisfactory offer by October 13, we will use that week to "Press the Presidents": make every college president accountable on the contract through a series of actions on your own campus. Everyone can participate in Press the Presidents Week because the actions will be varied, numerous and local. Sign up here to join.

And we will come together at full strength on Tuesday, October 21 for a mass action that will take our message to an even broader audience. Start building power for these events now; sign up here to let us know that you'll participate.

The faculty and staff work unstintingly for CUNY in conditions that often border on the intolerable. We serve the neediest communities in the city. It is unconscionable that we should be expected to work any longer without raises and other improvements.

Yesterday we took a big step in the direction of increasing the union's power to achieve a good contract. We will keep campaigning until we win.

President Bowen's Sept. 29 Letter to the Board of Trustees

President Bowen delivered this letter to the Trustees during the PSC demonstration at the Sept. 29 CUNY Board meeting. In it, she says negotiations “cannot advance without money on the table.” She demands “an economic offer that recognizes the quality and importance of the work we do.” Read the full letter.

Why Our Budget and Contract Campaigns are so Intertwined.

Contracts are negotiated at the bargaining table, but won on the ground. That means mobilizing our colleagues on every campus, in our departments and in our everyday interactions. But in an era of budget shortfalls and attacks on public workers, that ground operation, while beginning on our campuses, must extend its power to Albany and City Hall. As we come to the bargaining table to negotiate a new contract with the University, the political and economic conditions that we face will no doubt influence our demands and the demands of management. That is why PSC’s budget and contract campaigns are so intertwined.

Q and A: What’s Going On in Contract Talks?

The PSC and CUNY management have made some progress in contract talks. But CUNY has not yet put forward an economic offer, and union negotiators are pressing management to do so. President Bowen answers some frequently asked questions about the contract negotiations in this article from the Sept. Clarion.


Demands for the new contract were approved at a November 4, 2010 Delegate Assembly meeting. The full text of the demands, and coverage of the DA, are available here as a special supplement of the December 2010 Clarion.


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A message from President Barbara Bowen--Sept. 30

Thank you, PSC!

A message from President Barbara Bowen--Sept. 30

Close to 1,000 members came out for yesterday’s contract demonstration at the Board of Trustees. Thank you for your beautiful response to the union's call. It was a spirited, inspiring event. The huge turnout speaks for itself: our numbers are the best testimony to the intensity of our demand that the CUNY administration act now to resolve the contract.

Contract Bargaining Update--August 29, 2014

Message from President Barbara Bowen

Dear Colleague:

This week marks the start of the new academic year, and I want to take the occasion both to wish you well for the year and to bring you up to date on contract negotiations.

Serious negotiations for a new PSC contract began on June 20, when PSC and CUNY bargaining teams met to exchange demands.

Contract Bargaining Update--August 11, 2014

Momentum is growing in negotiations for a new contract, with two formal bargaining sessions and several subcommittee meetings held during the last month. Both PSC and CUNY management representatives have expressed a commitment to reaching a settlement as expeditiously as possible, given that several other public-employee unions in the city have already completed bargaining.

Contract Bargaining Update--June 2014

Collective bargaining for a new PSC contract began in earnest last Friday, June 20th. The negotiating teams for the union and CUNY management met for about three hours, and made a good start on what promise to be intense negotiations during the summer. The sides exchanged demands and discussed ground rules for further sessions. One thing established immediately was that the union has the right to bring observers and faculty/staff experts to future bargaining sessions. Read the full update.

No More 24: Agreement on Teaching Load--Sept. 2013

Joint Announcement of City Tech Agreement

We are pleased to announce that the City University of New York and the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY have reached agreement on aligning the teaching load at New York City College of Technology with that of other comprehensive and four-year CUNY colleges. Starting with the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year, Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors at “City Tech,” as the college is universally known, will be responsible for the same contractual teaching load as their counterparts at CUNY's other four-year colleges.

Images from the No Austerity Contract! No Austerity Education! Rally--Sept. 2013

Two hundred PSC members joined a union rally at the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting at Baruch College Monday, September 30. Faculty and staff demonstrated inside the Board meeting and in the street outside Baruch to reiterate the union’s refusal to accept an austerity contract for its members or an austerity education for CUNY students. A fair contract, quality education for CUNY students and action in response to the 92% No Confidence in Pathways vote were the union’s demands of the CUNY Board.

Fair Contracts for All Rally--June 2013

The contracts for all of New York City’s municipal unions have expired for the first time since the fiscal crisis of the mid-1970s. On Wednesday, June 12, PSC members joined thousands of city workers in rallying outside City Hall to demand that the next mayor negotiate fair contracts with them. See a slide show of photos from the rally.

Phased Retirement Pilot Program Announced--June 2013

Next Deadline is June 7

PSC has reached agreement with CUNY on a three-year pilot program of Phased Retirement for full-time instructional staff who participate in the Optional Retirement Plan and are at least 65 years old. Instructional staff members interested in participating in the program starting Fall 2013 must express interest in doing so by submitting a notice of intent to their department chair/supervisor by May 15. Interested instructional staff must work with their department chair/supervisor to decide on a mutually agreeable “phased” workload configuration. A formal application must be submitted by June 7.

Paid Parental Leave Made Permanent--Dec. 2011

An agreement between the PSC and CUNY means that funding for this benefit will continue past December 31. Across CUNY, parents-to-be welcomed the news.

Parents and children who took advantage of the leave benefit at a celebration at the PSC Union Hall.

Bargaining Begins on New Contract--Jan. 2011

On Wednesday, January 26th the PSC bargaining team met with CUNY management to begin negotiating a new successor agreement to the contract that expired on October 19, 2010.

PSC DA Sets Bargaining Agenda--Nov. 2010

In a packed meeting attended by more than 200 people 0n 11/4/10, the PSC Delegate Assembly voted on Nov. 4 to adopt a bargaining agenda for negotiations on a new contract.

PSC and CUNY Finalize Agreement on Enhanced PSC-CUNY Awards--Feb. 2014

February 27, 2014

Dr. Barbara Bowen
Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
61 Broadway, Suite 1500
New York, NY 10006

Dear Dr. Bowen:

This letter will confirm the parties' agreement regarding modification of Articles 25.1 and 25.2 of the 2007-

Committee of 1000

Imagine a committee with only one goal – to improve your life at work – with an agenda developed by the faculty and staff (not the college president or the chancellor’s office), with only one meeting per semester and hundreds of members to share the work, and with a serious chance of wielding power within the University and beyond – wouldn’t you want to be part of it? That’s what we are asking you to do: join the Committee of 1000.

Dedicated Sick Leave Agreement--April 2010

The PSC and CUNY have negotiated a Dedicated Sick Leave program allowing eligible participants to donate and receive sick days in cases of serious injury or illness.