Updated: September 18, 2017
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PSC members stand with the Dreamers. President Bowen stood with Mayor de Blasio and dozens of other elected officials, labor leaders and faith leaders at an event at City Hall denouncing the change and calling for passage of the federal DREAM Act. PSC members can go to defenddaca.com to plug into the national campaign. Here are actions to take today:

Call Congress: Tell them to Pass a Clean Dream Act

Call your congress members today. Urge them to defend DACA, stand up for the Dreamers and pass a CLEAN Dream Act with no enforcement measures or trades-off that would harm our immigrant communities. Tell them Congress must pass the bipartisan Dream Act of 2017 immediately to protect immigrant youth. Go to mygovnyc.org for the names and contact information of your federal representatives.

Write Your Congress Member

Send this letter via the AFT urging your congress member to co-sponsor the bill and work to pass it into law.

Volunteer to Defend DACA students

NYC has called for all lawyers and paralegals to volunteer to defend DACA students. There is an urgent need for legal work. PSC members with the required expertise should contact the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. Here is the web form where volunteers can sign up.