Chapter Officers, Delegates and Alternates to the PSC Delegate Assembly and PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Advisory Council

Deadline for filling the Candidate Declaration form will be January 6, 2017.

The environmental agenda | November/December 2016

The union's Environmental Justice Committee convened a forum, where panelists addressed concrete ways to curb climate change at CUNY campuses and in New York City neighborhoods.

CUNY Rising launches ambitious agenda | November/December 2016

The union joined students at three assemblies calling for more investment in higher education.

Armed with information, two PSC activists testified before City Council, countering the CUNY administration's rosy portrayal of the Pathways program, which the union has called 'austerity education.'

Queens College department chairs have documented the loss of full-time faculty lines, helping to organize the chapter and providing an opportunity to confront the administration about the matter.

A major breakthrough in the new union contract is job security for long-serving adjuncts. Through a structure that's currently being implemented, adjuncts can now be evaluated for three-year appointments. Before this new provision, adjunct work was completely contingent without any security.

As part of a national day of action, PSC members took to social media to document disrepair on their campus, from ceiling leaks to brown water coming from a drinking fountain.

Campus disrepair at Brooklyn College was everywhere. Despite repeated requests to fix issues with no avail, union members took to social media to highlight the health and safety problems on their campus.

There's a mistaken belief that raises for PSC members must always be funded by tuition hikes. CUNY faculty, staff and students are working to dispel that myth and ensure that contractual raises should not come at the expense of keeping CUNY affordable.

In an effort to increase youth voter turnout, PSC members at Hostos held a "talk, text and vote," where students talked to others about the upcoming elections.