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The union general election has concluded with some new faces in the executive council.

PSC research has shown that for both faculty and staff, CUNY salaries have been in decline since the early 1970s when adjusted for today's dollars. CUNY can start to fix this problem at the bargaining table.

“We have an interim chancellor. I feel like the university has been more or less rudderless for about six months,

PSC members at the Research Foundation are strategizing how to win further gains down the road in an often difficult environment.

For months, CUNY students organized opposing controversial changes to their student activity fees. Because of student pressure from many fronts, the BOT has postponed making changes until the fall semester.

The “maintenance of effort” bill is alive again in Albany. Is the current political climate right for enacting this crucial higher ed funding?

A 21-point plan for more accessibility

Pushing for MOE and ‘$7K’ for adjuncts

Because of years of organizing, the union was able to break a 30-year stalemate on teaching loads. Sustained union pressure is needed to ensure that the agreement is implemented properly.