Not enough funding for program?
It’s a great idea, right?

Senator Bernie Sanders, left, joined Governor Andrew Cuomo in announcing the Excelsior Scholarship.

Standing together on the steps of City Hall for a joint press conference on December 7, the coalition urged the city and state to reverse years of CUNY disinvestment and allow the University to uphold its mission to deliver high-quality education accessible to all New Yorkers.

Union calls for full funding at CUNY | Clarion Jan - Feb 2017

The PSC’s verdict on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal for CUNY is in: It’s a start, but it’s not enough to recover from years of underfunding.

What awaits the nation under Trump | November/December 2016

The election of Donald Trump and the Republican control of Congress will change the political landscape and possibly reverse hard-won gains around labor organizing, immigrant rights, climate change, racial justice and other critical issues. PSC members share what policies they think could come from a Trump administration and how to organize in the years ahead.

A recent report by the state's Inspector General found financial abuse and lack of oversight. The Cuomo administration has vowed to make changes, and some have already happened.

A federal investigation by the US Department of Education found violations in how Hunter College handled more than a dozen sexual harassment and assault allegations. The Upper East Side campus is addressing how the college responds to sexual harassment.

In their new book, Austerity Blues: Fighting for the Soul of Public Higher Education, Graduate Center professors Michael Fabricant and Stephen Brier describe the forces invovled in defunding public higher education. The book analyzes how neoliberal measures in higher education have hurt students and faculty, and they lay out a vision on how to reimagine the university to best serve the needs of the public.

In the reportedly most shared tweet of the second debate, Moustafa Bayoumi encapsulated Donald Trump's sexism and Islamophobia in less than 140 characters.

CUNY's American Social History Project celebrates 35 years of documenting history through the eyes of working people.

PSCers turned out to a CUNY Board of Trustees hearing at Baruch College to protest the six-month delay in getting their contract-mandated salary increases and back pay. Many members spoke emotionally about the unnecessary financial bind CUNY and the state are putting them through.

Ratification bonuses to be paid in October | Salary schedules for the new contract