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PSC Backs Healthy Workplace Bill: Protection vs. Bullying at Work

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The PSC and its coalition allies aim to win passage of the Healthy Workplace Bill, a measure that would provide remedies to workers whose employers allow them to be subjected to a pattern of abusive conduct on the job:
PSC Backs BillWhat Is Workplace Bullying?Stop Workplace Bullying Now

In Arizona, Censoring Questions about Race

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Critical race theory is an open-ended project of inquiry, a set of new questions rather than predetermined answers. It involves a history lesson, to be sure, but more than that, it is a set of questions about how this history continues to impact us all in ways we have yet to uncover.

Questions and Answers on the Contract

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PSC President Barbara Bowen responds to members’ questions.

What’s happening with the contract?

We have begun negotiations with CUNY for a new contract, but CUNY has not made an economic offer. With no money on the table, the PSC can – and has – made progress on non-economic issues, but we cannot negotiate seriously on the big economic items such as salary increases and a more reasonable teaching load until CUNY comes forward with an offer.


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